Does he love me or is it just my imagination...


5. The group

                 The next day I went to the group which was in the basement of a church and the guy that created the group was named John Barker, he was divorsed and had cancer on his nuts. The awkard part was that he talk about to the whole group " Yeah when they found out that I had cancer they did a scan and found it in my nuts." he explained.

                When it was time to talk about our lives, the first guy went he was wearing blue shades and he said..." hello my name is Isaiah Petersen and i have eye cancer and if you were woundering why i am wearing my shade is because I have one real eye and one glass eye." Then he took off his shades to show everyone. " We're here for you Isaiah,  we're all here for you." John said while everyone agreed

             After everyone went it was my turn so i stood up and said " Hello my name is Dominique Nicole Clay and i am 14 years old I was dignosed with leukemia when i was little and when I was 7 I was dignosed with lung disease so thats why i have this oxgen tank." then i sat down and ignored the rest of the time.

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