Does he love me or is it just my imagination...


2. At the ICU

           When i woke up my mom and dad were next to the bed, they were crying. My mom was saying that, i can let go and that she was not going to be a mom anymore. I dont think she knows that i heard all she said but it made me sad because she thinks that i am going to die.But i am a fighter, i fight to win  so thats what I did. When i woke up the next day the nurse gave me some ice chips to munch on and she asked me from a scale 1 to 10 whats the pain. i couldnt speak so i help up 8 fingers

              I survived. When i got home i asked my mom, why did i go to the hospitial and she started to cry. She sat me down and said..." Dominique, you have a lung disease and it is when you get syrupy water in my lungs and they had to drain it with a tobe." She cryed even more and said..." the docter said next  time this happens that i have use a oxgen tank."  So then i started to cry and i hugged my mom. After that i went to my room and to watch television but there was nothing on so i turn on some pop music and fell asleep


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