Does he love me or is it just my imagination...


4. After i went home

       The next day  I went home and my mom and dad wanted to talk to me about something i dont know about...

      They started to talk about me being depressed and they are going to take me to my docter  which her name is Docter  Sarah. When  I left to go to my room I herd my mom on the phone making an apointment for me to vistit the docters. Do I really seem depressed but anyway the apointment was on this coming Tuesday and today was a Sunday so I only had two days till this STUPID  apointment. 

           The day came were i had to go to the STUPID apointment. When we got there it was just me and my mom and Docter Sarah in the little room. Docter Sarah told my mom that i had to go one a sertian medicine i dont know what it is called though. Then she turned to me and said that i should join a group that has teens like me with cancer. I was like do I have to... When i got home i was thinking durning dinner... "I dont like people that are like me even though i had one good friend that has knee cancer" I thought to myself.

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