I guess you could say It was love at first hoodie....


11. "Zebra."

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Calum's POV

"That's actually a really good idea." Ashton says and Luke nods grinning.

"Of course you would like that." I say to Ashton who just sticks his tongue out at me.

"Well, let's find out where she is then let's go!" Luke says jumping up and down.

I roll my eyes. "How about no."

"Wait! Just let me go to the washroom!" Michael says jumping up quickly and rushing into the washroom and I groan.

"Come on Cal, don't you want to meet her? She could be your future wife for all we know." Luke says snickering along with Ashton.

"I hate this band." I say shaking my head.

Michael comes rushing back and gives the two giggling boys a confused look before bouncing over to them. "I wanna know why your giggling like crazy!! Let me know!!" He says grabbing Luke's arms shaking him.

Luke whispers to Michael who looks over at me and giggles with them.

"I hate you guys." I say.

They all stand up and walk out if the hotel room. I throw my hands up. There really going to find this girl?

"Wait, you don't even know where she is." I say hoping it'll stop them long enough to convince them not to find her in the first place.

"It's good. I've found her location." Ash says then winks at me.

I thought Ashton liked her.... If so then why is he doing this to me?

Luke grabs my arm and drags me out of the room while shutting the door behind me.

I groan. "Come on guys, can't you just go and I stay and chill in the room? You can tell me about it when you get back."

"No can do Kiwi." Ashton says walking ahead.

"Wait, it's gonna get colder later on. We're all gonna freeze our asses off if we don't bring a sweater or something." I try to stall as long as I can.

I'm not lying, the temperature drops as it gets closer to the evening. They all roll there eyes but let me go so I can run back into my hotel room.

I go in followed by Ashton. I walk over to my suitcase and unzip it grabbing out a random sweater.

I look over and see Ashton throwing a sweater around his waist.

I try to slowly back away to the washroom but I guess I just have to meet this chick.

"Oh no you don't. Let's go meet this girl Calpal. You never know, you might actually like her." Ashton says grabbing my arm as I try to make a run for it towards the washroom.

"I hate you guys." I mumble again as he pushes me into the hallway where Luke and Michael are already talking about something.

We walk down the hall, Michael and Ashton ahead of us whispering and giggling making me roll my eyes.

"Does she know we're coming?" I ask sighing.

"Well she kinda but not really know that I'm coming." Ash says shrugging.

"Fine does she know that I'm coming?" I ask and Ashton turns around, walking backwards with a smirk.

"You would just love to come for her wouldn't you?" He says and my eyes widen after catching on to what the bloke head meant.

"What the hell?! Ashton. That's gross." I say and I nearly vomit in my mouth.

Okay that's just gross. Nasty even.

She wouldn't even let me do anything probably, let alone touch her that way- and why did I even think that? Ashton is corrupting my mind.

I've seen her picture so I know what he looks like, sure she's pretty but that's about it.

I jump as I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look over to see that stupid smirk on his face still along with his deep ass dimples.

"Oh come on. Don't tell me that doesn't sound amazing." He snickers.

I roll my eyes shaking my head. "No that's sounds nasty."

"Just imagine, her under you- or on you, whatever your into-" Ashton starts but gets cut off by Michael.

"Ash, he'll be in her no matter what."

I glare at him. "No. I'm not going into her. Or anyone."

"Anyway as I was saying..... Just imagine her on, or under you, moaning your name, over and over again." Ashton continues and I groan rubbing my face.

"Will you knock it off?" I ask.

"Then she begs you to go faster, and faster." Luke chimes in saying it in a breathy moan and I hit his shoulder.

"Then you hit her prostate and she screams out your name telling you to do that again." Michael adds then moans after as the other two snicker like crazy and I feel my face heat up at just the thought.

"I hate you assholes." I mutter as they all laugh at me as we get into the car.

"Calum you gotta problem?" Michael snickers as he climbs into the passenger seat while Ash gets in the drivers seat and Luke beside me.

I give him a confused expression and he motions towards my lap and I look down and blush madly.

Great. Now I'm hard.

"I hate this band so so much." I say and Luke wraps his arm around my shoulder.

"Awe we love you to Cal." Luke says and kisses my cheek making me grimace and wipe my cheek.

"Ew Luke. Don't kiss me." I say.

He chuckles. "I'm sorry, I forgot you just want Misery to kiss you."

"That not all he wants her to do to him." Michael winks and they laugh again.

I lean forward and hit him on the back of his head.

Ashton turns on the radio and Blink blares through the speakers.

We drive for a while and pull up to a park.....

"Um Ash, why are we at the park?" I ask confused along with the other two boys.

Ashton parks the car but doesn't make a move to get out or anything.


"Shut up nimrod. Look." Ashton pouts in a direction and I see two girls sitting under a tree, one with black hair in a ponytail and the other has her hair in a messy bun.

"Ashton, why are we stalking two girls at a public park?" Michael asks and Ashton glares at him.

"You idiots. That's Misery and her friend." He motions to the girl with a messy bun and my eyes widen because damn she's hotter in person.

Not that I would say that aloud to anyone.

"Fuck. She's hotter then her pictures." Michael says staring at the girl a her friend licks an ice cream cone.

Misery licks her ice cream. Have you ever been jealous of an object before?

Well I'm jealous of the damn ice cream.

"C'mon lads. Let's go meet Calum's future wife." Ashton says clapping his hands together as he takes his seat belt off.

My eyes go wide as I grab his arm. "Hell no. I can't go out there with a hard on, that's embarrassing as fuck." I say and he chuckles along with the other boys.

"I think there's a bathroom somewhere around here...." Michael says looking around with a smirk.

I smack him upside the head. "Shut up Mikey."

"Hey I'm just trying to help." He says and I hit him again.

"Abuse!! That's abuse!" Michael yells and I punch his arm.

"Will you shut up." I hiss and he sighs rolling his eyes at me and our attention goes back to Ashton who's to focused on the two girls licking ice cream cones to notice anything else.

"Whatever. Let's just go meet her. It's getting late." Luke says grabbing my arm and dragging me out of the car.

Michael soon follows and Ashton comes after.

There's barley anyone here now because we've been sitting in the car for a longer time then we wanted to.

"C'mon." Ash motions for us to follow.

I do out of force. I rather be anywhere but here.

We stop by the swings and I notice that Misery's friend is gone now and she's just sitting under the tree eating her ice cream while on her phone.

I feel like one of our fans.....

Just stalking a random girl......

We walk over and when we get in front of her Ashton clears his throat making her jump a little and look up at us.

She raises an eyebrow at us and I'm thanking the heavens that she's not freaking out like most girls do.

"Can I help you?" She asks and Ashton sits down on her right so I sit on her left while Luke and Michael sit across from her.

"Do you know who we are?" I blurt out and she slowly nods her head, her gaze sweeping across the other lads and they narrow when they get to me.

"I know who you are." She says and I could listen to her voice all day and what the fuck is wrong with me?

I would like to be on nice terms but oh well. "That's great."

She rolls her eyes and licks the ice cream again and I am very tempted to shove the ice cream up her ass because of what she's doing to me.

I rub my eyes. I can't help but think of what the boys said to me before.

Now is so not the time Calum!

"Calum, you okay?" I snap out of my trance like thing when I feel someone shake me.

I look over to see Luke looking confused.

I nod my head, clearing my throat. "Y-yeah I'm fine."

He nods his head but doesn't look convinced at all. "Right."

"So why are you here?" She asks us. Wow and I thought she was a bitch on the phone.

"We wanted to meet you. Well, Calum here wanted go meet the girl who hung up on him." Ashton says smirking and my eyes widen when she looks back over to me.

"Oh really now? Well mr Calum. I'm Misery." She says and sends me a genuine smile and I can't help but smile back.

"Well Misery, this is Michael, that is Luke and I'm Ashton." Ashton says hitting both boys on the head as introducing them to her.

She nods her head. "I know who you guys are. My friend is obsessed with you guys." She says.

She then gets up and walks over to a garbage can and throws her cone out and I can't help but stare at her legs and ass......

I'm a guy. Can't blame me.

She comes back over and sits beside me again. God she is prettier in person. And I need therapy.

"So tell us about you." Michael says.

She nods her head. "Okay, well there's not much to know about me..." She says plucking grass from the ground.

"What's your favourite animal?" Luke asks.


"Um favourite movie?" Ashton asks while putting his head in the palm of his hands.

"Oh um either Alice In Wonderland, the version with Johnny Depp, or The Odd Life Of Timothy Green." She says and I smile because those are two awesome movies.

"Those are good movies." Luke says nodding his head agreeing with her and she beams.

"Those are the two movies I will never get sick of." She grins.

She then shivers a little and looks at the time.

"Holy shit it's already 8:45." She says and I feel a pit in my stomach.

I kinda don't want to leave her..... Is that normal?

She shivers again and I take my sweater off and hand it to her. "Here.... Your cold."

She looks at it then back to me and slowly takes the hoodie. She slips it on and it comes down just a little past mid thigh.

She smiles softly at me and I smile back.

Alright I admit it, she looks good in clothes.

"Thank you." She says quietly and I nod my head feeling me cheeks heat up a little.

I wave her off. "It was nothing, really. It's just a hoodie." I say shrugging.

Only did I know that that certain hoodie would change everything for me from the second I handed it to Misery....

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