I guess you could say It was love at first hoodie....


9. "Your so weird."

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"Wanna go get Ice cream?" Trin asks me and I look over at her.

I shrug. "Sure. Why not."

We stand up and make our way to Scoops.

"Hello you still there?" I hear Ashton ask and I jump a little, not gonna lie I totally forgot I was talking to him or them or ugh whatever you get what I mean.

"Oh what? Yeah I'm still here." I say and Trinity gives me a sideways look but then goes back to her phone.

I roll my eyes. "You need to take a break from stalking them."

She gasps. "Fuck you. Not ever gonna happen."

I chuckle. "What if you end up marry one of them one day? You can't go stalking your husband." I say and she pouts while thinking it through.

"Wait. What's going on? Who's marrying who? Your getting married? What?" I hear Calum ask and I snicker because, if only he knew we were talking about him.

"No one." I say while Trinity crosses her arms.

"Ice cream!" She yells running towards the ice cream place as it comes into view.

"Ice cream?" I hear Ashton say from a distance away from the phone. So I'm thinking Calum has the phone. "I want Ice cream."

"Yeah. Ice cream. The yummy frozen milk you have on hot days to cool off?" I say and I hear Ashton laugh and I smirk.

"Funny." Calum mutters only to make Ashton laugh harder.

I grin. "Thank you. I try."

"Asshole stop laughing at me." Calum says and I hear a thud then a very girlish scream.

"You guys okay?" I ask as I step into the nice cool ice cream shop. Better then being in the hot sun.

"Ooh! I want bubble gum!" Trinity says rushing up the counter.

I sigh. "Your so weird."

"Me? Well you don't even know me." Ashton says.

"If I wanted to- I'll take mint chip please, waffle come, 2 scoops thanks- know you then I would just use google." I say.

I get odd looks from people around me but I ignore them.

"Right. Forgot you can find anything out these days." He says.

"Dumbass." I say and he gasps.

"Bitch you don't know me." I hear Calum say and I sigh.

"Oh and I'm the bitch." I mutter.

"Uh yeah. I'm not the bitch because I'm a guy. Guys aren't bitches." He says and I narrow my eyes, not caring if he can't see me do it.

"Listen hear pop star, just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I'm a bitch. A guy can be a bitch to so just shove your bass up your ass and shut the fuck up." I say then hang up with a huff before I can hear his response.

Probably better that way. Can't hear his annoying accent.

"Who was that?" Trinity finally asks skipping over to me as I take my ice cream. I didn't notice that I walked around when I was telling Calum to shove his bass up his ass.

Huh oh well.

I shake my head with a grimace. "No one important, trust me Trin." I say throwing my arm around her shoulder as we walk back out into the hot sun with our ice creams.

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