I guess you could say It was love at first hoodie....


2. "You take forever."

"If you don't get up now I'm gonna cut your hair off and glue it to your face!" I blink as I look up and see my best friend with hands on her hips.

I roll back over, throwing the blanket back over my head. "I'm sick. Go away ass."

She scoffs. "Horton hears a bitch ass liar. Now get up you slut. Schools gonna start soon."

She literally skips out of my room as I glare at her retreating figure. I groan and pull the blankets off me.

I yawn, push my hair out of my face and slowly make my way to my dresser, grab out a shirt, pants, underclothes and make my way to my bathroom.

I strip and get in the water without actually feeling it. I jump and almost fall on my face as the ice cold water hits my back.

"Holy fuck. That's cold." I turn it so it's hot and sigh as the warm water hits where the damn cold poison hit me.

I clean up and shave as quick as I can. I step out and dry off my body and my hair.

I throw on my shirt that's a thin long sleeve saying 'Free Hugs- Psych Biotch' and purple skinny jeans. I leave my hair a mess and throw on a pair of random socks that I found in my dresser.

I make my way down stairs after I stuff my phone in my back pocket. I yawn as I walk over and grab out coco puffs, and see that Trinity got me out a bowl.

I shake out my hand after a hit it on the counter and glare as Trin laughs.

I take my seat beside her and pour myself a bowl of my heaven. I add my milk and I realize that I don't have a spoon.

I groan getting up and getting my spoon. Breakfast is hard holy crap.

I finally have everything ready for me to eat.

I smile at my bowl and pick up some food on my spoon.

I take a bite and moan at the taste. "It's a little early, don't you think Miz?"

I kick her and she yelps. I take another bite and I glance at the time, and cough at what the time is.

I swallow what was in my mouth and smack Trinity a couple times.

"What- oh my god will you stop hitting me you ass muncher? Why are you-?" She says but stops as she shrieks as she also sees the time.

"Fuck were gonna be late if we don't go now!" I yell.

"I'll start the car!" I hear her shout as I run up the stairs. I slid and fall into my bedroom.

I get up quickly and push my tangled air out of my face. "I'm okay. I'm fine totally cool." I say to my self as I quickly run over to my brush and pull it through my hair, almost ripping my hair out in the process.

I finally get it soft enough that it doesn't have any more tangles and I put on some mascara fast and I grab my bag, phone charger, wallet, and I check to see if my books are all in it.

I'm not gonna lie, I sucked at checking it.

I run into the washroom and brush my teeth quickly and then I rinse fast right after, -it wasn't 2 minutes, I'm a badass (don't tell my mom)- I run down the stairs, almost falling but I saved myself thank god.

I slip on my toms and run out the door yelling I bye and I love you to my mom.

I hope into the car and she speeds out of my drive way and I sigh. "Well hell. At least were on our way now."

She nods. "Tell me about it. You take forever. You know who else takes a while to get ready but always looks amazing?" She gives me a sly smirk.

I throw my head back. "I wonder who." I say with no emotion.

She squeals and I roll my eyes. "Calum! That's who. He's perfect. I'm not saying the other boys aren't because fuck there amazing. Speaking of fucking man Calum can fuck me right into mine or his bed whenever he wants."

I rub my eyes and shake my head but I can't help but smile.

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