I guess you could say It was love at first hoodie....


4. Well To Late Now....

"Miz, Miz, Miz oh my god Miz! Look at how cute he is! Not my babe but still fucking hot as hell." Trinity shouts running over to me while I put my spoon of yogurt in my mouth.

She shoves her phone in my face and I almost choke on my spoon, glaring at her, I take the phone and see Ashton's tweet.

"Yeah. Cute. Now let me eat in peace." I say thrusting her phone back at her while she rolls her eyes but lets me eat.

"You should tweet them." She says randomly and I give her a confused look. She sighs. "Your like the only person who has never tweeted them."

"And why would I start now?" I ask taking another bite.

She groans. "Your not seeing this from my point of view. You could tweet Calum and see is he responds to you and if he does you can tell him all about how amazing I am! C'mon if you do this you don't have to buy me nothing for Christmas! Please!!" She grabs my arm and I shoot daggers at her.

"Fine! If it gets you to let me go and me getting out of buying you anything then sure." I say pushing her off.

She squeals and throws her arms back around me. "Holy fuck thank you!"

I roll my eyes. "I'm just tweeting him. That doesn't mean he's gonna respond to me." I say pushing her off again.

"Hey uh, can I sit with you?" I look up to see the cute guy from my English class.

Dalton I think.

I blink and clear my throat. "Uh yeah. Go ahead, sit. I'm not stopping you."

God why don't I shut up already?

Well to late now.

He chuckles and sits across from me and Trinity smacks my arm without Dalton noticing.

I glare at her while she smiles innocently and I sigh.

"Dalton," I say getting his attention from his juice jammer.

"Yeah?" He asks with a smile.

Before I can say anything Trinity buts in, making me want to strangle her. "Your cute. Have I seen you around before? Possibly. But I would so remember a cute face like yours in no time." She says batting her eye lashes at him.

He looks taken back and I laugh.

"Bitch this is Dalton. He's in my English class." I say and she keeps making googoo eyes at him. "Dalton, this bitch is Trinity."

"Right. Nice to meet you." He says going back to his juice.

"How old are you?" She asks leaning on her hands.

He looks back up after getting the straw in his juice. "18."

"Ooh. Same. Not Misery. She's only 17- so under age to do anything while I'm not." She says winking at him while he looks at me and I shrug my shoulders.

"You chose to sit here." I say snickering and he shakes his head at me but the smile can't help but appear.

"And it's a good thing to other wise Miz would have kept you all to her self." She says and I shake my head mouthing 'No' behind her back making him chuckle.

"I don't actually think I'd mind that." He says and she turns and looks at me with a huge grin.

She reminds me of that cat off of Alice In Woderland.... Creepy as fuck.

"Well then. I don't know if I should be hurt or not about that." She says sighing and placing her hand on my shoulder.

"I guess that's okay. Well I'll leave you to it. Bye now, use protection, make good choices! Pugs not drugs! Bye!" She yells before running out of the café leaving me alone with the whole cafeteria staring at me and I blush under everyone's gazes.

I look back to see Dalton matching me.

"Uh...... Hi." I say and he scratches the back of his neck but laughs anyway and I can't help but laugh along with the cute curly haired boy with big brown eyes.

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