I guess you could say It was love at first hoodie....


16. Total Opposite



Okay so here is the next chapter and I apologize that I haven't been updating as much.

I've just had a lot of stress and stuff.

But I think I'm okay now. When this is published I'm gonna work on the next chapter because I've got a great idea for the next chapter and I hope you all have a great holiday!!

~ Abbigail:)


Luke's POV

"You're an asshole." I glare at Calum who looks up from the couch confused.

"What do you mean?" He asks and Ashton hits him on the stomach.

Ash glares. "He's right, you are an asshole." He says looking back down at his phone.

"What did I do?" He asks and I mentally stab him.

"You're kidding right?" Michael speaks up as I walk over to them.

Calum just throws us a confused gaze. "No seriously what did I do?"

Is he really fucking that clueless?

He should have been the blonde one. I cross my arms and my blue eyes glaring at his brown ones.

"Will someone please tell me what the fuck is going on?" Calum asks throwing his hands up and Michael scoffs.

"You!" Michael basically yells. "You're the problem! Why the fuck would you be so harsh to Misery?" Michael snaps, looking pissed as hell.

Calum's face drops for a second before it turns into a scowl and he looks away. "So? I had to tell her what I had to." He says and it takes me all my power to not strangle him.

"I'm going to bed." I say between my teeth and Calum shoots me a confused glance along with the other boys.

I get up and walk into the room, slamming the door behind me. I close my eyes and rub my temples. I walk over to the bed and sit on it sighing.

There's a knock on the door and I look up as it opens and Ashton steps in. He shuts the door behind him.

"What was that about?" He asks walking over to me and I sigh rubbing my face before looking up at Ashton.

"Calum." I say and he nods his head. He sits on the bed across from me and rubs his hand through his messy hair.

"Have any idea why he's acting the way he is?" He asks and I shake my head. "Well that's just great." He says.


I get up and go over grabbing my phone. I turn it on and see its 3:34am.

"I wonder if Misery is asleep...." Ashton says and I look at him before sighing.

"She probably fell asleep crying." I mumble as I keep my eyes locked on with my Twitter as I scroll through my notifications.

"What?" Ashton asks and I look up to see him with a hurt look on his face. "What do you mean?"

"She um. Crying? The wet stuff that falls from your eyes when your sad...." I trail off and he looks very confused.

"Why was she crying?" Ash asks me and I scratch the back of my neck.

"Calum hurt her feelings." I tell. He gives me a duh look making me roll my eyes. "He hurt her. Badly." I say empathizing badly, seeing if he'll take a hint.

But seeing as in still getting a very confused look from him he's not getting it.

"Oh my god and they say I'm the dumb blonde." I say falling back on the bed. Which is actually very comfy.

"I don't understand!" He says throwing his hands up and I chuckle. "He hurt her I got it."


I sigh. "He hurt her feelings..." I say still trying to hint.

He gives me an even more confused look before his eyes widen. "Wait. Do you mean that she-?"

I nod my head and his mouth hangs open and his eyes are huge.

"No fucking way." He says smiling before jumping up. "No fucking way!" He almost shouts and I grab him pulling him back down before he attracts Calum and Michael's attention from the other room.

"I can't believe she likes him." He says then giggles after.

"Not sure if she likes him anymore though." I say and he looks confused before he frowns sighing.

"Asshole." He mutters. "Why the fuck would he say that to her? Feelings or not, that was just a fucked up move." He says and I can't agree more with him.

There's a knock on the door and before either of us could say anything Calum and Michael walk in.

Ashton glaring at Calum. "What do you want?" Calum looks taken back.

"Um I'm kind of in this band." He says and I snicker as Ashton rolls his eyes pouting.

"Yeah I forgot." Ashton mutters and Michael laughs.

You okay Luke?" Michael asks me and I tilt my head to the side confuses as to where this came from. "Like, you kind of just stormed into here." He says shrugging his shoulders.

"Oh that." I say then shoot a look at Ashton. "Nothing. Just, it's been a long day and I'm pretty tired." I say before getting up and to make my point, I grab out a pair of sweats and I pull my jeans off, a little hard cause the skinniness of them and how they kind of clue to my legs. I take them off as they all give each other confused looks before shooting me a confused and a concerned glance from Ashton.

I pull the sweats on and take my shirt off and put both clothing back in my bag, but in a different compartment from my clean clothes. "I'm going go sleep. And unless you're Ashton and going to sleep, I suggest you leave please. I'm tired as hell and lots has happened today." I say and they all frown and all leave- except Ashton who stays put on the other bed- and the door clicks shut behind them.

"Luke?" I don't answer Ashton as I pull the blankets back. "Lucas." He says and I sigh looking at him. "Are you okay?"

I sigh as I grab a pillow. "Yeah why wouldn't I be?" I say before fluffing it up and putting it with the other pillows.

"Why are you so worked up about this?" He asks and I close my eyes taking a breath before turning to face the curly haired idiot who I call one of my best friends.

"Because, I-" I shake my head and look down at my feet. "To be honest? I'm not sure. I guess it's just that Calum's going against everything we've grown up with. And for what? To make a point that's not necessary and will only hurt in the end? Like, we're suppose to make people happy, he's doing the total opposite." I say in one long breath before taking in much needed air. Ashton raises and eyebrow but with a frown still etched on his face.

Even if he's frowning, you can tell where the dimples go.

I groan and fall back on the bed. "I'm going to sleep now." I say before turning off the light by the bedside table and I hear Ashton sigh softly.

I close my eyes and just as I'm about to fall to sleep I feel someone push me over gently. I peek open my eyes to see Ashton smiling sheepishly at me. "Looks like you could use a cuddle, I know I could." He says as he climbs in bed next to me.

"Yeah." I say quietly and curl up next to him as he wraps his arms around me as I yawn.

Who new that's what I needed. That and to make sure that Misery is okay.

But I'll do that in the morning.

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