I guess you could say It was love at first hoodie....


8. That Was Random

Hey sorry that it's so short. I had my math exam today and I hope I did good on it....

Anywho I've got the next chapter done but my phones being stupid as fuck.

I wrote this while watching The Big Bang Theory ahaha.

I love Sheldon like holy crap he's so adorable.

There arguing over a cricket.

Anyway continue on reading hope you enjoy it.

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Love you guys!

~ Abbigail

I stare at my phone and furrow my eyebrows. I slowly pick it up and hover my finger over the green answer button.

What's there to lose?

I finally answer it and hold it up to my ear.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Tides?" I hear a male voice. It sounds kinda high but not high enough to be a girl.

"Yeah. Who's this?" I ask putting my skittles in my lap focusing on the person on the other end of the phone.

"Oh this is Ashton. From twitter."

I raise my eyebrows. "And how did you get my number?"

He giggles. "I've got ways."

"Did you just giggle?" I ask confused and not sure if I heard right which only makes him giggle even more.

"Do you not know our band?" I hear another voice say and I sit up straighter then before.

"Um," I mumble and before putting another skittle in my mouth. "Not really, no."

I hear a gasp. "How the hell not?" That's not Ashton.

"Mate, shut the fuck up." That's Ashton.

"Who was that?" I ask leaning my back against the tree. Ashton ignores me.

"Calum stop hitting me! I'm trying to do something you numbnuts!" I hear a new voice say and I raise an eyebrow.

What the actual hell?

"Misery! There you are! I've been looking for you all over." I hear Trin say as she walks over to me.

She sits down beside me and goes to grab a skittle but I smack her hand and she takes it back pouting. "I just wanted a skittle."

I roll my eyes. "Are you with someone?" Ashton asks.

"Yeah. Now I am." I say as Trinity gives me a confused look but grabs out her phone, most likely on twitter stalking Calum's page.

"Ooh he just tweeted!" She gasps from beside me and I can't help but groan in annoyance.

"You need a break to stalking him. It's like I need to take you to fan girl rehab." I say as she just giggles.

Her blue hair up in a slick ponytails and she's got thick rimmed glasses on. Her black skinny jeans under her fluffy skirt and her black Guns N' Roses tank top. Along with her pink flats.

I will never understand her.

"Your with someone who knows our band?" I hear Calum ask and I look over at her as she got her eyes glued to her screen.

"You could say that." I mumble and I her rustling on ten other end.

"I heard her call you something. What was it? Misery?" Ashton asks after a loud thud is heard.

"Fuck Ash. That hurt." I hear Calum whine.

"Yeah." I mumble.

"Why did she call you that? Isn't that kind of rude?" I can hear the freon in his voice and I sigh.

"Not when that's your actual name." I say and he gasps.

"Fuck that's your name? Misery Tides?" He asks sounding very excited.

"That's my name don't were it out." I say and Trinity gives me a look of confused but then shrugs me off before going back to stalking a band, a band that I'm actually talking to right now, but she doesn't need to know that part....

Even if it's only 2 out of 4.

"Holy shit. That's amazing. It goes so good together to." He says and I hear talking to someone on the other end but can't make out what there saying.

"Misery? I've never heard of someone being called that before.... It's kind of hot. Just saying." I hear someone say and I can't help the heat that rises to my cheeks.

Well shit. That was random.

"That Mr. Hood and it suits her picture so well." So Calum's the one who called my name hot.

Got it.

Ha. Trin would be so pissed and jealous.

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