I guess you could say It was love at first hoodie....


5. Spongbob Mashup

I sigh as I stare down at my worksheet with a bored expression. This is completely pointless.

I put my pencil down and run my hand through my hair.

I feel my thigh vibrate and glance down at it.

'Can you tweet him now please?'

She's not gonna let me forget.

I glance at the teacher who's typing away on her computer.

'I will. Chill out.'

I send it and she responds automatically. Of cores.

'Can you do it now! It's killing me!'

I roll my eyes.

'No! Later. Now stop texting me.'

I put my phone in my pocket just as the teacher looks up.

I act like I'm writing shit down and then she looks away.

I quietly snicker to myself. Dumbass teacher.

I doodle a random cartoon that looks like a cross between Spongbob and The Pillsbury Boy.

Weird. Then again I did draw it.....

"Oh my god did you see that Luke posted a picture of Calum's ass on twitter?" A random girl behind me giggles along with her friend.

"Yes. Of cores, how could I miss that sweet tan ass?" Her friend says winking and they both burst in a fit of giggles.

I roll my eyes. Trinity and them would be best friends.... That or she would kill them if they were after Calum and by the sounds of it, they are.

So tonight's when bitches die I guess.

The bell finally rings and I shoot up out of my seat and make a beeline for the door.

I've got a spare right now and so does Trinity. Thank god I really don't want to be alone.

I push through the crowd of people and almost fall on my face, but I didn't thank the all mighty.

I make it to my locker and I open it as Trinity runs over to me.

"Oh my god you will not believe what was posted on twitter by Lucas-" She blabs but I cut her off.

"Let me guess. Calum's tan ass is everywhere?" I ask and she looks shocked.

"What?! How the hell did you know this before I told you?" He asks with wide eyes.

I shrug. "Some girls were going on about it behind me." I say putting my books away and grabbing out my wallet.

"Wait people were talking about my babes ass? Oh hell no. Hold my bag, they gonna die." She sneers and I put my hand on her shoulders making her stop.

See, told you bitches are gonna die. Better put a stop to this before it even begins....

"No ones dying tonight Trinity. So what if they were talking about a guys ass." I say.

"He's mine Misery. We've been over this. Not that you would try to steal him from me. You don't even like them." She says and I chuckle nodding my head agreeing with her.

She's right. I don't give two shits about that band.

I shut and lock my locker, following as Trinity blabs on about how hot it is and all that shiznit.

I get in the line with her as she stalks there accounts on twitter.

I get a piece of cheese pizza, a bag of all dressed chips and a bottle of Pepsi.

I pay and we go to our lunch table like we usually do.

"They. Did. A. Following spree while I was sleeping last night! It's all your fault I missed it you bitch." She says and I snicker at her.

"You need to get a life." I say biting my pizza.

She glares while I smile innocently at her.

"I hate you." She says with a serious expression.

I place my hand over my heart. "Awe babe I love you to." I poke her nose making her scrunch it up.

"Don't poke my nose." She says only making me do it again.

She swats at me. "Will you stop it."

I shake my head slowly as a creepy smile comes on to my face.

"Your weird." She says scooting away a little making me chuckle and shake my head while taking another bite from my food.

What I'm hungry. Don't judge me.

"I am friends with you so...." I trail off and she hits my arm making me laugh harder.

"Whatever. Can you tweet him now?" She ask changing the subject.

I groan. "Do I really have to you?"

She nods her head. "Hell yes you do. On the name of Patrick Star. You must." She says pointing her finger at me.

I put my hands up. "Fine."

She claps and and I shake my head.

"Do it now please!" She grabs my arm shaking me slightly.

I shoot her a look hoping it'll get her off my arm but guess not as she still shakes me.

"No I'll do it after school, I already told you." I scold he and she crosses her and with a pout.

"Fine." She mutters out stealing some of my chips.

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