I guess you could say It was love at first hoodie....


6. Snapchat And Twitter.

Okay so this is when things start to, bloom I guess you could say.

Enjoy the chapter. Working on a new chapter for Voices :)

Oh and I love your comments on my story's. They all make my day.

~ Abbigail :)

I sigh as I open twitter on my laptop while my best friend watches my every move through our FaceTime.

"Don't forget to favourite his tweets to get his attention!" She says for the hundredth time.

I roll my eyes. "I know what I'm doing. Even if I didn't I would now because you've told me so many fucking times."

She giggles and I log in and type in Calum Hood in the search bar.

"I'm just reminding you." She says putting her hands up in surrender.

"Goodbye Trinity." I say.

She smiles and waves. "Goodbye Misery."

I hang up and shake my head as I scroll through Calum's twitter.

He doesn't tweet that much anymore.....

All of his tweets are spread out and shit. Wonder why he stopped.

I get my phone and text Trinity.

'Why doesn't Calum tweet that much?'

She responds automatically. 'Someone leaked a snapchat of him.'

It's like she can tell I'm confused because right after a link is sent to me.

I click it and notice it's a snapchat video. It starts and I quickly shut it down just as fast as it started.

My eyes are wide and I blink. Yeah not gonna watch that. Like ever.

I see why he doesn't tweet as much. I wouldn't either. Then again I don't have a dick.

I shake my head and open the new tweet thing.

'Hey Calum, I just wanted to say that my best friend is obsessed with you and I've got to hear about it all the time. I blame you. It's all your fault. So thanks. -_-' I press tweet and sigh.

Well that's done with.


Calum's POV

"Ahhhhh!" I quickly jump out of the way as Ashton and Michael scream as they run down the hall of the hotel. I feel bad for the people staying around us and under us.

Luke gives me a look and I shrug. I open my twitter and scroll through random shit. Just because I don't tweet that much doesn't mean I don't go on twitter.

"Let's go, move it!" Ashton scolds playfully as he runs back over to us and he pushes me while Michael pushes Luke.

"Guys stop." I laugh as I try to get Ashton to stop pushing me.

I finally give up and let Ashton push me. I look back to see how Luke's doing and laugh as I see him over Michael's shoulder.

"Will you put me down you nimrod!" Luke says laughing and Michael chuckles.

I finally get to our room and I flop on the bed, not sure who I'm sharing with but oh well.

I hear a giggle and I mentally roll my eyes but can't help but smile.

I groan as I feel body weight on me.

"Oof, get off me." I say as his giggle fills my ears.

I push him off me only to fall off the bed and on to the ground as the giggling freak laughs even more.

I shoot daggers at him. "Really Ashton?"

He just grins and shrugs his shoulders.

"Yep." He says and I roll my eyes and look for my phone, rolling my eyes as I see it on the floor across the room.

I get up and reach for it, noticing that it's on someone's profile.

I'm about to click out and go back but something stops me and I furrow my eyebrows.

"What are you looking at?" Ashton asks jumping over to me. He looks down at my phone before takin it and smiling as he walks backwards and sits on the bed I fell off of.

"She's cute." He says wiggling his eyebrows.

I roll my eyes sitting beside him as I take my phone back keep it so Ashton can look to.

"@Skittles_21." I say out loud as Ashton grins.

"I like skittles." Ashton says and I shove him a little making him grab into me so he doesn't fall like I did before.

I smirk a little and push him off the bed only to fall with him.

We groan as he chuckles.

"Karma's on my side asshole." He says rolling on to his back and I grab my arm.

"Well she's a bitch anyway." I say sitting up as Ashton punches me on the arm.

"Fuck you." I say laughing as we laugh.

Ashton then gets out his phone and grabs mine from the ground beside him and types like crazy on is phone while sticking his tongue out.

"Hey Ashton?" I ask.

He looks up quickly but the looks back down at his phone.

"Yes Mr. Hood?" He says.

"Can I have my phone back?" I ask.

He shrugs and hands me my phone. "What did you do?" I ask.

I notice that I'm still on the girls profile.

"I just wanted to get the girls twitter account, that's all." He says shrugging and I shake my head laughing.

"Why?" I ask.

He shrugs his left shoulder. "She seems nice."

"Nice or hot?" I ask smirking as he blushes.

"Can I say both?" He asks and I laugh.

"Whatever Ashton." I say shaking my head as he laughs.

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