I guess you could say It was love at first hoodie....


1. Oh Great

Okay before you read this and think "what the hell this is so short." It's just the beginning so take a chill pill people.

Anyway thanks for reading this and my other story's and if you haven't that's cool to. Not as cool but still cool.

So keep reading and being awesome. Thanks. :)

"Did you just see the picture he just posted on twitter?! I know I'm gonna marry him one day!" I roll my eyes at my friend as she blabs on about a picture someone posted while I try to do my math work that's due tomorrow.

"Hey Fanfreak, did you do your homework yet?" I but in.

I can almost feel her roll her eyes at me through the phone. "Homework smomework. Boys are much more important."

I chuckle. "Yeah tell that to Mr. Davis, I'm sure that'll go over so well."

"Whatever- oh my fucking god! He tweeted again and I'm the 23 person to favourite and retweet it!" She squeals and I glare at my phone as I take it away from my ear.

"Jeez Trin, stop squealing. There just guys." I say and I hear her dramatically gasp.

Oh great.

"Oh hell no you did not just dis my boys. I'm gonna kick your ass then your name will suit you. Kinda. You can be miserable with misery right?" She says and I laugh at my idiotic friend.

I write down the answer for the next two questions. "Whatever you want. So which one are you going to so called marry again?"

"Um hello?! Calum Thomas fucking Hood. How the hell could you ask me something like that? Who the fuck are you and where is Misery Tides?" I sigh at the stupid question.

"Sorry. I'm half asleep here. You do know it's like, 12:35am right? And I'm spending my night listening to you freak over some guy." I say and yawn after to make my point.

I can hear her pout. "Well fine. Next time you want to talk to me about a cute guy I'll just tell you to talk a wall because it'll want to listen more then me and walks aren't even alive."

"Your an idiot and we both know that you'd be all over it as soon as I mention anything along those lines." I laugh and she joins in.

"Very true my friend. Very true." She says and I shake my head and yawn again.

"Well I'm going to bed. I'll just finish my work tomorrow sometime before class." I say as I close my text book.

"Yeah I guess I should go to bed to. But there's a problem if I go to bed." She says.

"And that is?"

"Time zones. Duh. There waking up right now while I'm going to sleep! Do you see my fucking problem?" She says and I groan.

"Oh I see bunch of problems and that's not one of them..... You'll be fine. You can check them in the morning. Just go to sleep. Or at least let me sleep." I say rubbing my face.

She lets out a big sigh. "Fine. If I must."

"You must." I add quick.

"I'll go to sleep but if they do something like a follow spree or a Twitcam while I'm sleeping I'll fucking cut your toes off and stab you in the eyes with them and shove them down your throat when I'm done with them." She threatens and I nod my head rolling my eyes at her even though she can't see me.

"Right. Good like with that Trinity. Night." I say and hang up after she says night.

I sigh and climb off my chair and turn my lamp off. I climb into bed, pulling the blanket up to my chin.

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