I guess you could say It was love at first hoodie....


3. It's Still Early....

We pull up to the school and I see the normal everyday groups talking about random shit.

I step out and throw my bag over my shoulder and cross my arms, waiting for Trinity to hurry the hell up.

She finally manages to come over to me, her black hair in small ringlets that go down almost to the middle of her back.

Her outfits a frilly skirt with layers in it and her typical 'Come At Me Bro' shirt. Yeah she's weird. Oh don't forget her pink flats.

Can't ever forget those, no matter how hard you try they will always come back to haunt you.

Her HelloKitty bag on her back as we walk side by side into the school getting hellos and smiles.

I go over to my locker and put my stuff in and take out everything I'll need for my first class of the day.


Trinity goes over to her locker, which isn't far at all considering her last name is Sky's.

She skips over to me and smiles. "What's your first class?"

"English." I say bluntly.

"With who?" She asks frowning telling me we don't have that class together.

"McBurney." I say with a sigh.

"Ooh I heard that he's really nice but then other people say he's a real ass. But, I don't know, I've never had him." She says shrugging her shoulders at me while holding her books to her chest.

I sigh and lean against my now closed locker waiting for the bell to go. I look at the time and see it's only 8:30. Warning bell doesn't go till 8:40.

Still got 10 minutes. Well, 15 if you count the actual bell.

"Yeah. I'll tell you which one of those is true or not." I say and she laughs.

Her phone beeps and she automatically looks at it with a giant smile and I roll my eyes.

"Ooh Michael tweeted!" She beams showing me the tweet.


I shake my head as she sighs with a dreamy look on her face. "What if I actually met them? And Calum and me really started dating? I promise to not forget about you Misery."

I laugh shaking my head cause honestly, how can she be so obsessed with just these 4 guys?

"What's your first class?" I ask.

"History." She groans while I chuckle.

The bell goes and- wow that was quick.

I say bye to her and we go our separate ways. My class being D3 and hers being on this floor also known as E.

Her class is room E2 with Mr. Reid.

I heard that he's actually not that bad. I go down the stairs and to the second floor to my class.

I go in and take my seat in the very back by the window.

People start coming in and I stick my headphones in and Tides by Jack and Jack come on and I grin cause, well Tides is my last name so it's very amusing for me.

I glance at the person who sat beside me and they send me a small smile which I return.

He's actually kinda really super cute. Not that I would tell Trinity that. Don't get me wrong she's my best friend but I wouldn't tell her for the world. She'd try to hook me up with him before even telling her his name. Just the mere mention of me taking any liking to a guy, she goes crazy. Which is why I don't tell her stuff like that. That and I don't know his name still....

He's got brown hair that's curly and really nice chocolate brown eyes.

"Taylor Baily?" I hear the teacher call out names. I look over to a girl with brown hair and a nose ring as she says here.

"Tyler Click?"


"David Cole?"


"Maddison Clearwater's?"

"Yep. Here." A girl with blue hair says pointing to herself.

"Right. Dalton Dowson?"

The cute guy from beside me puts his hand up. "Here."

He sees me looking and smiles again and I blush a little.

Well hell I've been caught staring already as it's not even 9:00 yet.

The list goes on and on for what seems like hours on end.

"Misery Tides?" He asks and I stick my hand up and out of the corner of my eye I see Dalton looking at me.

"Here." I say and he keeps going. We're only at the Ts now?

How long is this damn list?

"This is a really long list, like how long is it?" I hear someone say beside me and I look over to see Dalton smiling at me.

Oh it was him talking to me. 'Well no shit Misery.'

I mentally hit myself in to head with a pitch fork multiple times.

"Yeah. That's what I was literally just thinking." I say and he chuckles.

"So your last name is really Tides?" He asks turning toward me a little more.

Guess I should do the same. "Yeah. I guess."

"That's actually a cool last name. Unlike Dowson." He says and I shake my head.

"Dowson's not a bad last name. It goes with your first name. Dalton. Dalton Dowson. Nice ring to it and it goes smoothly together." I say and he smiles big at me showing dimples that I didn't notice before.

"Mrs. Tides and Mr. Dowson is there a problem?" Mr. McBurney asks.

"Uh no. Sorry." Dalton says and I look down hiding my face.

It's still early....

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