I guess you could say It was love at first hoodie....


10. I Hate You Ashton Irwin.

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Calum's POV

I glare at the phone with a shocked look. Did she just-?

Ashton comes over and grabs the phone from my hand and frowns at it. "Hey. You hung up on her. I wanted to talk. Boo you suck." He pouts as I roll my eyes.

"I didn't hang up on her. She hung up on me." I tell him walking over to the mini fridge and grabbing out a bottle of water.

"Why? What did you say?" He asks.

I groan. "Why do you always assume I say or do something that makes people get mad and hang up?"

"Because it's always you." He says like it's the most obvious thing ever. "So again I ask Mr. Hood. What did you say to the very pretty girl?"

"I called her a bitch." I mutter and he furrows his eyebrows in a confused matter.

"What? Just because you called her a bitch? Well then.... I guess you just gotta be careful what you say Cal." He shrugs his shoulders still looking a little confused.

He flops down on his bed and starts typing away on his phone like his life depends on it.

I furrow my eyebrows. "What are you doing?" I ask falling back onto the bed watching Ashton upside down.

"Uh?" He asks looking up them back down at the phone blinking. "Oh nothing."

"Oh really? Because I feel like this 'nothing' has something to do with Misery....." I say raising an eyebrow with a smirk.

He looks up and sticks his tongue out at me. "Maybe I'm texting Luke. It doesn't have to be all about that girl yeah know."

"Well I never knew you texted Luke with speedy fingers. Last time I ever saw you do that was when you were talking with your ex girlfriend." I say and he rolls his eyes.

"Calum. You told me you just called her a bitch right?" He asks me looking up confused. I nod my head. "Clearly there's more to the story. You called her a bitch because she's a girl? That's kinda sexist Calum." He frown at me and I groan rubbing my eyes.

"No." I say sitting up and he gives me a look.

"Okay maybe I did but that's besides the point." I say and he sighs before going back to texting.

I grab out my phone and I go on twitter scrolling through my newsfeed being bored like crazy.

I glance at the door as someone knocks on it. "Who is it?" I yell.

"Your favourite person ever." I hear him say and I roll my eyes slowly getting up as Ash just looks amused.

"Whatever." I mumble as I open the door.

Luke walks in. "Your lives just got better." He says.

"Thanks for the great introduction of me Luke." Michael says patting Luke on the shoulder as I snicker as Luke pouts.

"I hate you."

"No you don't. Your Muke af. I heard you say it to a fan not long ago." Michael says winking at Luke. "I know you want all this but I don't swing that way."

Luke fake gags. "The only way I hope you swing is into a cactus." Luke says.

"Shut up Luke."

"Ashton. You've been awfully quiet...." Luke says ignoring Michael as he looks over to Ashton. He tries to look what he's doing but Ash just locks his phone making Luke pout and cross his arms.


Ashton chuckles shrugging his shoulders. "Yeah. I'm a meanie."

"He's been chatting with some girl all day." I say rolling my eyes as Luke and Michael both look at Ashton waiting for him to further explain.

He looks up after a minute of silence with a confused look. "What?" He honestly has no idea....

"Who's the girl?" Michael blurts out.

Ashton's face goes 50 shade of red and he looks down at his phone. "Um no one. Just a fan." He waves them off and I feel like payback is a good idea right now.

"A fan? She didn't even know who you were idiot." I say and he shoots daggers at me.

I mouth "paybacks a bitch."

He glares.

"Not a fan? How'd you find her then?" He then smiles at me and- oh have the table turned all of a sudden.

"She was on Calum's phone." They all look to me.

I hate you Ashton Irwin.

"Calum talking to a girl? Wait is she pretty? What's she looks like?" Michael asks jumping on the bed and Ashton sighs unlocking his phone and I guess getting a picture to she the boys.

Luke looks up at me confused. "How much did you pay her to talk to you?"

"I didn't pay her anything." I say rolling my eyes at Luke who smirks and I look over at Michael and Ashton whispering to one another while occasionally looking at me.

"He probably payed her with sex or nudes." Michael says before him and Ashton high five and Luke chuckles.

"So funny. No, you know I wouldn't do that.... Again. It was a one time thing. It's over and done with. And I've never even seen her." I say crossing my arms and I hear one of them sigh as I look back down on my phone.

"What's her name?" Michael asks tilting his head to the side. "I mean, she's pretty and all but I like a name to a face." He says shrugging his shoulders.

"Misery." I say and Michael frowns.

"Misery? Really?"

I nod my head. "Yes dumbass. Are you sure all the hair dye isn't effecting the only brain you've got?"

"Oh hush up. But no, really. Who names there kid Misery? What's her last name?" He says throwing his hands up.

"Tides. Misery Tides. She's actually in Australia right now." Ashton says grinning and we all look at Ash. He frowns. "What? Why are you all looking at me like that?"

"How do you know she's in Australia right now?" Luke asks.

Ashton looks down sheepishly. "Well, I was talking with her..... But then Calum had to be a sexiest bastard and she hung up on him." He says narrowing his eyes at me because I hung up on the pretty girl.

Pretty girl?

Yeah okay she's pretty. I've called tons of fans pretty before.

But she's not a fan....

So what I've called other people pretty before that aren't fans.


Yea that's it.

I feel something hit me I the head. I reach up to where I was hit and I glare at the other boys. "What the hell? What'd you throw at me? A cement doll? Jeez." I say rubbing my head.

"Well you were zoned out and mumbling random thugs to your self." Luke says putting his chin on his knees.

I sigh rubbing my eyes. "Yeah I was just thinking. Nothing big." I say shaking my head running my hand through my hair.

Ashton's phone makes a ding sound and all our gazes go to him as he goes into his messages. We all have a certain tone for messages.

He smiles but then shakes his head at me before typing away on his phone again.

"Hey Fletcher, who you messaging?" Michael asks leaning his head in Ashton left shoulder and Luke does the same thing but on his right shoulder.

"Ooh Misery." Michael says and Luke chuckles going him a weird look.

"That sounds so weird."

"What does?" Mikey gives Luke a confused look.

"Just her name sounds odd using it as an actual name. Get what I'm trying to say?" Luke tries explaining and I don't think Michael got it.

But he nods anyway.


"You don't get it do you."

He shakes his head. "Not a clue. But be happy I tried to make it seem like I did. I should get points for that at least." He says giving a thumbs up.

Luke just stares at him.

"Oh come on, at least give me a thumbs up. Anything would be nice." Michael complains.

Luke then fake grins and gives Michael the finger and I laugh at how stupid they are.

"I feel the love Luke thanks." Michael says putting his hand over his heart and Luke shakes his head.

"You guys have issues." I mumble and they both give me the finger at the same time making me laugh again and Ashton looks up confused as to what's going on around him.

Poor confused Ash.

Someone should really tell him what's going on.....

Well not me.

Somehow I find myself on her profile again and I shake my head but I go to her photos and there's a bunch with her and a chick with black hair and she's got glasses? Not sure if there real or fake....

I go to the next one and it's just her and a guy- wait guy. Is this her boyfriend? Why didn't she tell me she had one? On a more important note, why do I even care?

"So your both into her?" Luke's voice breaks me out of my thoughts.

"What? I don't like her, hell I don't even know the girl. Ashton knows her better then me so maybe he does." I say and I really need to stop being so defensive all of a sudden.

"We should meet her." I glare at Michael and Ashton's smile grows.

"Oh hell no." I say quickly but they all ignore me.

Well fuck.

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