I guess you could say It was love at first hoodie....


13. I Don't Blame Him.


Okay so if you didn't see my post about the porcupine.....

If anyone you live in Canada Ontario in the St. Thomas and Aylmer area there is a loose porcupine.

He's friendly and won't hurt you. He's been gone for two weeks and we can't seem to catch him.

His name is Spike and he's an African Crested Porcupine. We want to find him as soon as possible because he won't make it threw our winter.

So if anyone you know anything about his whereabouts please let me know so we can bring him home.

Okay so that's that.

I hope to all enjoy this chapter.

Love you guys!!



Misery's POV

I run as fast as I can with my hair flying in front of my face. Fuck this.

This, this is not how I wanted to be welcomed to the neighbourhood.

Before I know what's going on I'm face first on the sidewalk. Well hell.

I groan as I push my self up. I look down at my knees and see them all scraped up and along with my hands.

Well great. Just fucking great.

I hear feet come closer to me and I start to panic again. I get up and run again, ignoring the pain in my legs and the loud beat of my heart pounding in my chest, trying so desperately to get out and away from all this.

I see a guy outside of his house on his porch on his phone. My eyes widen and I run over to him, but I fall on the side walk in front of his house and I hear the mocking laughter of the other guys close to me.

I tried to get up but just fall over again groaning. Fucking hell.

I then feel a hand on my arm and I snap my head up ready to chew who ever the hell is touching me but stop when I see it's the guy from the porch.

He helps me stand and I lean against him and my eyes widen when I see the other guys come over to us.

The one smirks at me. "Well there you are baby. Come on. Let's get home for a little fun." He says and the others chuckle and my grip tightens on the stranger.

"And who the hell are you?" Porch guy asks and I look at him, thankful that he's helping me right now.

"That's none of your concern kid. Now hand over the pretty girl and no one will get hurt." He says and I bite my lip to keep from snapping but I guess I'm bad at it because the next thing I know I'm yelling at him.

"Well excuse fucking me. Listen assholes, don't touch me, like ever again. In fact don't touch anyone ever again. I don't know who the hell you think you are but that is not how you treat a lady. Go find some respect for yourselves." I shout at them and they all look at me like I'm crazy. Well not porch guy, he seems actually proud of me.

Dude you don't even know me, this is nothing. I chew people out for a living.

The other guys glare at the guy holding me up before walking away.

"Be glad I don't call the cops on your asses!" I shout after them as they walk away and into the alley I just ran out of.

Porch guy chuckles and looks down at me. "You okay?"

I roll my eyes and try to push away from but only fall over again.

"I'll take that as a no." He says before picking me up bridle style and carrying me into his house.

He sets me on the couch. When I go to move off he gives me a look and I just sit there and pout.

"Be right back." He says before walking up some stairs. I groan and lean back.

His phone goes off and I glance at it. All it says is H on it.

I shrug my shoulders and pick it up, not caring that I don't even know this guy.

"Hello?" I ask I'm a gruff voice and cover my hand from laughing.

"Alex I need your help. Like I seriously need it. There's this girl and she called all panicked and I guess something bad had happened to her and she told us to meet her at this place and when we got there we didn't find her and I'm freaking out." The familiar voice says and I furrow my eyebrows.

At least I know the guys name is Alex.

Wait a flying fucking second.

"Calum?" I ask and I hear him gasp.

"Holy fuck- Misery? Is this you?" He asks and I roll my eyes.

"No it's the ginger bread man. The fuck Calum? Really?" I say leaning back on the couch and frowning.

"Well sorry for not believing it's you." He sasses back and I groan.

"Why wouldn't it be me? Hello. Girls voice not dudes." I say before huffing out air.

"Hey so I put on some tea and why are you on my phone?" The porch guy- sorry, Alex comes out from the kitchen and how the hell did he get from upstairs to the kitchen??

I wave him off and narrow my eyes. "I get that it's a girls voice Mis. It just shocked me. I thought you were hurt!" Calum says.

"I'm not hurt. Calm down." I say rolling my eyes and I go to pull my legs up but hiss in pain. Forgot about the scraps and cuts and blood and all the snazzy stuff.

Alex comes over confused but doesn't take the phone away.  He sits down beside me giving me a really confused look.

"Bullshit, you are hurt! I just heard you hiss in pain! You know what I'm on my way." He says and I furrow my eyebrows.

"Dude you don't even know where I am." I say and he chuckles.

"Yes I do." And he hangs up.

I glare at the phone and hand it back to Alex who takes it and is still giving me a confused look.

I cross my arms not looking at him. "I'm not talking." I state and I see he nods his head from the corner of my eye.

"Can you at least give me a name?" He asks and I sigh, eh what the hell.

"Misery." I say and he chokes.

"Wait- Misery?" He asks and I nod my head finally looking at him.

"Yes I know it's an odd name and no one else's has this name but me." I say rolling my eyes.

I can't believe I lost my phone. Those sleeze balls probably have it.

Good thing it's got a lock on it.

And if they try and get it wrong to many times it deletes everything on my phone and sends it to my laptop in my room.


"Yeah. Your right it is an odd name." And there's my que to leave.

I go to get up but only cry out in pain as I take a step forward.

"Fuck." I curse and Alex grabs my arm and pulls me back to the couch and makes me plop down.

I cross my arms and pout.

He clears his throat and sits beside me. "You do know that it's not very smart to walk right? And go back out at 11:45 at night right?" He says and I narrow my eyes at him.

"I know what I'm doing thank you very much." I sass and he smiles while chuckling softly.

"Right okay. Well I'm Alex." He says holding his hand out and take it.

"I know." I say and he furrows his eyebrows at me.


I sigh. "I was on your phone and they said your name." I say shrugging and he slowly nods his head.

"Okay." He says and before the awkward silence could settle in there's a knock at the door.

Alex gets up and rushes over to answer it.

"Hey- wait what are you-?" I look up to see Calum and Ashton standing there with relieved looks on there faces.

"Calum, Ashton. What the hell are you doing at my house at midnight?" Alex asks looking really confused.

"Hey Alex." Ashton says as Calum walks over to me.

Calum crouches down in front of me and frowns at the rips and blood on my knee.

He then gets up and goes into the kitchen and not even a minute later he comes back with a bunch of random stuff.

He takes the scissors and cuts my pants where I got scrapped and fell.

I hiss as the cool metal touches my skin.

"Bullshit your not hurt." Calum mutters and I smack his head.

"Don't mumble to me jerkoff." I snap and he glares up at me.

"I'll make to you if I want to." He snaps back.

"Bitch." I growl.

"Jerk." He sneers back.

"Okay that's enough you two." Ashton says coming over and sitting beside me.

"So how do you guys know Misery?" Alex asks. He seems so lost and clueless to the whole situation.

I don't blame him.

"Long story that's for another time." Calum says not taking his eyes off fixing my knee. "How'd you find Misery in the first place?" He looks up at Alex quickly before going back to my knee.

"Ouch asshole that hurt!" I snap and smack the back of Calum's head.

"Well boohoo sorry I hurt you princess." I snaps back and I roll my eyes.

"I found her on the sidewalk in front of my house." He says and they look at me.

"I was trying to run over to you just to clear that up." I say sighing and running my hand through my messy hair.

"So how'd you get away?" Ashton asks.

"Well when I found her they were hot on her trail so I asked what they were doing and they were being all stupid and trying to threaten me to give her to them." Alex explains and they all nod telling him that they are indeed listening.

"So how'd you make them go away?" Cal asks.

Alex smirks over at me. "Actually Misery sassed the hell out of them and yelled things at them till they ran away." He says and both boys look at me shocked. Well Ashton mostly and claim breaks out into a giant grin.

"That's my girl."

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