I guess you could say It was love at first hoodie....


7. How Weird Is This?

Misery's POV

"Bitch wake up!" Someone hits me with my pillow and my mind recognizes the voice as Trin.

Of cores it's her.

"What?" I grumble. I didn't stay up that late but I'm still tired and would like to sleep longer.

"Did you tweet him?" I should have known that was the first thing she was going to ask.

I roll my eyes. "Yes." I grumble into my pillow. "No get lost."

She giggles and I groan as I feel her lay on top of me.

"Get off of me." I say as she cuddles into my back.

"Nope. I'm tired and your comfy." She says then I remember school.

"What about school. We've got to get up and get ready for hell." I say and she laughs as she rolls off me and gets under the blanket with me.

"Schools canceled." She says laying down and cuddling up in my blanket.

"I like your blue hair. And why is canceled?" I ask as I eye her now blue hair.

Why is it blue? Never mind.

I don't actually wanna know.

"There adding on to it or some shit. Construction." She says shrugging her shoulders.

I nod my head and close my eyes.

My phone dings and I ignore it but I guess Trin thought it was someone important or something because she climbs over me and grabs my phone with wide eyes.

She frowns once she sees it's not what she wanted.

I grab it from her and notice it's just a notification for Instagram.

"Go back to sleep Trintiy." I say as I put my phone back and close my eyes trying to get more sleep.


I roll over only find the bed empty, not that I'm complaining or anything.

I look and grab my phone seeing a text from her not that long ago.

'Left because I knew you wanted more sleep, text me if anything comes up about Calum tweeting you back.'

I roll my eyes and flop back on my bed and into my pillows. God I could lay here forever.

My phone dings again making me groan.

Hell I'm getting annoyed with this shit.

I grab my phone and glare at my screen but blink once I see it's from twitter.

I sit up and unlock my phone, going on Twitter to see who followed me.

Don't know who would I'm actually a very lame person.

I grow confused at who it is.

@Ashton5SOS has followed you.


Wait. 5sos?

I click his page and notice that it's one of Calum's band mates. Huh.

How weird is this?

I follow back, just to be nice and lock my phone.

Maybe I should tell Trinity.....

Well she did say just Calum.....

I shake my head and stuff my phone in my pyjama pocket and stretch while walking out of my room and down into the kitchen.

I go into the kitchen and turn the radio on as I pass it, not caring if anyone doesn't like my music taste because I do.

I grin as American Idiot comes on. I dance into the kitchen and see a note on the fridge.

'Gone out, not sure when we'll be back. Late tonight or tomorrow. Love you, be good. I would like to come home to a standing house other then ashes thanks.'

Whatever mom.

I open the fridge after throwing the note away and scan the shelves for anything good.

Nothing. There is a small store down the road I could go to......

Ugh that means I've gotta go see people. And get dressed.

I groan as I go back up to my room. Not caring what I look like really, I throw on a random tank top and a pair of jean shorts.

I run a brush through my hair and through it up in a messy bun and I put on some mascara.

I grab my wallet, phone, keys, and my headphones.

I go down the stairs and slip on my flip flops. Aussies call them thongs I think?

See I'm not Aussie. I'm Canadian.

I've been living in Australia for a few years now, but I'm always gonna be a Canadian no matter what.

I lock the door as I leave.

I walk down the road as the warm sun beats down on me.

Okay one of the good things about moving here is that it's more sunny then Canada. And warmer.

I walk up to the store and go in, rolling my eyes as I see the cashier guy eye me.

I go to isle five and notice it's got all kinds of things I want.

I grab a bottle of water and a bag of Skittles and walk up the counter.

I put my stuff on the counter and the guys smiles at me.

"Hi." He says ringing my stuff in.

"Hi." I say back.

"Um how are you?" He asks and I raise an eyebrow at the poor guy who looks nervous and shy.

Better save him. "I'm good. Better now that I've got a friendly smile." I say smiling at him and he blushes and smiles wider.

He's got curly brown hair and big green eyes that are kinda adorable.

"Um I'm Chase." He says holding his hand out and I take it in mine.

"Misery." I say and he out my stuff in a bag. "Oh I don't need a bag but thank you."

He sheepishly takes them out and hands them back to me while I hand him the money.

He hands me back my change and I put it in my wallet.

"It was nice meeting you Chase." I say waving bye to him as I walk out of the store.

I walk down the road and I put my head phones in my ears and I see a park.

I don't go out much if you haven't notice.

I fine a nice tree and plant my butt down under it as I open my candy and take one.

Reds are the best, just saying.

My phones goes off and I see it's a direct message.

Who would want to talk with me?

I shake my head as I unlock my phone and go on twitter and see it's that Ashton guy.

'Hello!' Is all it says.


Did he not read the tweet I sent Calum? I'm almost %100 sure that's the only reason he found me is that damn tweet.

'What are you doing?'

I sigh. 'Sitting under a tree eating Skittles.'

'Ooh! I love sugar! Mind if I join you? ;)'

I roll my eyes. 'You've got to get your candy.'

'Is that a yes then?'

'It's more of an I don't care.'

This guy is weird. Aren't they on tour or something?

'Aren't you guys on tour or something?' I send and he responds quickly.

'Yep. But Australia is our next stop even though we're staying in hotels.'

'Right. What part?' I ask.


Hey that's where I am. Yeah like I'm gonna tell him that.

'That's where your from right?' He asks and I blink.


'Aha it says where your from on your profile. You've got nice photos on here.'

I roll my eyes.

'Why are you stalking my profile?'

'Why not?'

'Point taken.'

'Whats your real name?' He asks and I smile.

'Well I'm not telling you my first name but my last name is Tides.' I type and send. It takes him a few minutes to respond and I thought he gave up on me.

'Sorry I didn't respond. Someone wont leave me alone..... -__-' He types and I chuckle.

'Who would that be?'

'Fucking Calum. Want to know who I'm talking to and why I won't answer him.'

I laugh out loud making people around me look at me weird.

'Tell him I say hello. And good job at bothering you.' I say laughing while typing.

He doesn't respond right away and I sigh about to exit and forget about the conversation when an unknown number shows up on my screen.

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