I guess you could say It was love at first hoodie....


14. "Echoes."

Hey guys.....

I actually was crying while writing this chapter....

Not because it's a sad chapter but because my life felt horrible.

I mean, it still does and I really wanted to talk with someone but I just looked up stupid pictures on Google.

So I hope you enjoy this chapter...

There's a little over 3000 words in this.

Didn't taker very long to write to be honest.

Okay so it's 11:22pm right now..... So I'm off to bed.

Goodnight and I love you guys!

~ Abbigail



"Yeah okay. Let's just go now. I'm tired and I don't know who you are." I say and point to Alex and he chuckles.

"Well I'm in a band, kinda like Calum and Ashton are." He says I nod my head and fight back a yawn. God I never realized how tired I really am till now.

"You look tired." Calum says and I glare at him, "No fuck. It's almost 1:30 in the morning and I was chased by some guys who probably wanted to kill me. So I have every fucking right to be tired jackass." I scowl at him and Alex's eye are blown wide but Ashton's just on his phone not fazed by this at all and Calum just groans.

"You do know who he is right?" Alex asks and I send my glare his way.

"Yes sadly." I say cold and he puts his hands up in surrender.

"Can you chill out just for a second Miz? Like really. We're all tired. We've been looking everywhere for you before." Calum tells me and I let out a puff of air and relax my shoulders a little.

"I'll try but I'm not making any promises that I can't keep." I say and he nods his head.

"Good enough for me. How about we go home now?" He says before standing up and hitting Ashton on the back of the head.

Ashton looks up confused but then gets the memo and joins Calum standing up.

I reach my arms out and Ashton grabs my arms and picks me up bridle style making me shriek and then laugh slightly after.

"You don't need to carry me Ash." I say smiling still and he shakes his head at me.

"Yeah I do. Your leg is still fucked up badly." He tells me and I just sigh and lean my head against his shoulder.

Ashton is one of the guys I can deal with. Calum, not so much.

The other two, I dunno yet.... Haven't spent that much time with them.

Yet anyway.

He sets me down in the back of the car and he gets in the drivers seat while Calum gets in the passenger side.

Ashton narrows his eyes at Calum. "Nope. Get in the back with her."

I raise my eyebrows. "What? Uh how about no." I say but it turns into a growl by the end.

"Agreeing with bitchface in the back. Not gonna happen so just drive." Calum says and I roll my eyes and smack him on the back of the head.

"Ow bitch."

"Your the bitch dickwad." I mumble crossing my arms and Ashton sighs loudly.

"Just get in the damn back. It's not fucking rocket science. I'm not leaving till you get in the back with her." Ashton says simply and I growl under my breath.

"You know," I start and Ashton looks back at me. I cross my arms and look out the window shaking my head. "I actually sorta liked you. Shame it's all down the fucking toilet now."

After a few intense moments I hear a door open and close and before I can even say anything or hit anyone, Calum is beside me and I hiss at him.

"Did you just hiss at me?" He asks and I ignore him looking out the window.

"Well fuck you." He says.

I turn to face him and sneer. "You'd like that to much Calum."

I hear Ashton make a choking sound but then it turns into a coughing fit and I hear Calum scoff.

"That's a load of bullshit." He snaps back at me and I chuckle shaking my head.

"Yeah whatever Calum. I wouldn't want to fuck you anyway." I state simply and he huffs.

"People would kill to fuck me just to let you know." He says and I turn to meet his brown eyes with a glare.

"Yeah well, I'm not most people. So go fuck around with people who actually give a rats ass about it." I say before totally ignoring him and looking out the window as the houses pass by.

"Why are you such a bitch to me?" Calum asks and I laugh humourlessly.

"Your kidding right?" I say and he frowns. I then frown with him but I add a scowl. "Seriously?"

He shakes his head. "Yeah seriously. Why?"

"Your a stuck up pop star who thinks he's better then everyone else in the world." I snap and his eyes widen. "Don't even get me started on how selfish you are."

"Wait. What?" He asks.

"You sound oh so surprised." I snap and Ashton parks the car.

I don't even care where we are but I get out and go into the.... hotel..... And to the elevator. I remember them telling me about how they have certain rooms in hotels.

If I remember right anyways.

I wait till I get to the top floor and the elevator dings.

I go out and look for the room number 232.

I find it quick and knock on the door with a scowl on my face.

I cross my arms over my chest and sigh loudly.

The door opens and I don't even look at them and I don't think they know it's me.

I go into a small room and find out its the kitchen. I look around and my eyes land on the object I was looking for.

I walk over to the fridge and open it, searching for a drink. I grab out a bottle of Pepsi and take a swig of it.

I then sigh as I walk out into the living room and sit on the couch. I curl up my legs to my chest and put my bottle of Pepsi on the table in front of me.

"- no I swear there's a girl around here somewhere." I hear someone say, either Luke or Michael. Who ever opened the door for me.

"I think your hallucinating Mike." I hear a low voice say and cause they said Mike, I'm assuming it's Michael who opened the door for me.

"Listen asshole. I'm sure a girl knocked on our door and barged in without even sparing me a second glance." Michael says and I chuckle quietly to myself.

Idiots I tell you.

"Not even for, 5 seconds?" I hear Luke says and it's quiet for a few seconds.

That is till I hear Luke talk again.

"Ow you jerkoff! What the hell was that for?" Luke exclaims and I cover my mouth to hold my laughter in.

"That's for being an idiot." Michael responds and I roll my eyes. "No but really Luke. There's some random girl in our room somewhere."

What random girl?

Oh. Right.

That's me. Oops.

I grab the remote tired of listening to them bickering at each other and I swear if they start either throwing punches or making out I'm gonna kill someone.

Most likely going to be one of the boys in this apartment.

I scroll through the channels and land it on Teen Wolf.

It's an old episode where only Scott and Derek are the only werewolves. Besides the Alfa of course.

I don't hear anymore whispers and I mentally roll my eyes cause I know they heard the tv turn on.

All of a sudden I hear a very confused voice behind me.


I sigh. "You have shitty channels. Just to let you know." I say before standing up with a little help from the couch and I face them.

They grin big and crush me in hugs and I just awkwardly hug back even though my arms is still kinda hurting along with my legs.

Luke pulls back and then rips off Michael after.

"Holy fuck. I'm so glad that your okay. Calum was having a fucking melt down." Michael says breathing a sigh.

I shake my head. "Yeah okay... Like that'll ever actually happen...." I mumble.

Luke furrows his eyebrows and frowns at me.

"Hey come get a drink with me?" Luke asks and I give him an odd look but follow anyway.

I've already got a drink....

We go in and he grabs me and pulls me close to him, he leans down close and whispers, "What's wrong?"

I open and close my mouth not sure what to really tell the tall blonde boy. I step back a tad.

I shrug and he scoffs quietly. "Yeah right. You mumbled something. What was it?"

I bite my lip. "Nothing."

He narrows his eyes. "Lies."

I sigh. "Just know one would ever freak out over me, if I'm lucky my parents would and maybe my friend..... Never someone like Calum." I say and end in a hushed whisper.

He frowns. "What do you mean like Calum?" I don't say anything and his frown deepens. "Misery?"

"I-I don't know...." I say and scratch the back of my neck.

He then raises an eyebrow at me. "Do you like him?"

I look up shocked that the question came out so blunt. "What?"

He chuckles lightly. "Do you have a crush on him?"

I look down thinking, do I?

I mean, he does have a sweet smile... And he's caring- when he wants to be.... He also looked for me thinking something was wrong, which he was right about.... And his brown eyes could stop me from breathing if he tried.... Not even if he tried....

Okay so maybe I like him.....

I then sheepishly nod my head slowly. He then breaks out into a giant grin.

"I knew it." I chuckle and shake my head.

"No, I can't like him though...." I tell him and his smile drops in an instant.

"What why?" He quickly asks worried.

I sigh and run a hand through my hair. "My best friend has the biggest crush on him and he would never like me back...." I say shaking my head looking down at my shoes.

"That's utter bullshit. He's head over heels for you." Luke tells me making my cheeks heat up just at the thought of him slightly liking me back.

Even just a little.

I just nod my head cause I can't find any positive things to say about all this.

He grabs a quick drink and we head back into the living room where Michael is watching some kind of show on the tv they have. Just then the door bursts open and in comes Ashton and Calum looking around confused but relieved when they see me.

Calum stomps over, looking pissed. Oh great. "You can't just take off like that! What if something else happened to you?! Then all of this was just a big waste of time!" He blows up and I glare.

Don't care if I feel anything for him, he can not talk to me this way. Feelings or not.

"I don't need you watching my every move every second of the day douchebag." I say as cold as I can muster and it's pretty chilly if you ask me.

Might want to put on a fucking sweater.

"I'm just looking out for you! Why is that so hard to understand?!"

I yell, "Because! I don't need this, this stupid thing that your trying to make between us!"

I breath heavy and his eyes are blown wide. "What thing?! There is nothing going on! Whatever your thinking in that screwy little fucked up head of yours, is never gonna happen! Ever! Throw that thought out the window!" He yells back and the whole room goes deadly quiet.

I can feel Luke's stare burning into the side of my head. I glance at him and his eyes are wide and he's frowning deeply. I look back to Calum.

"I know," I mumble looking down. "I'm just gonna go home." I say trying not to cry then and there.

"Why?" Ashton asks me and I just get the coldest glare I can make and shoot it at Calum who doesn't even look fazed.

"So I don't have to be in the same room, breathing the same oxygen as him." I then soften my look and turn to Ashton. "Thank you for looking for me, I mean it." I give him a quick hug and a peck on the cheek making his cheeks turn bright red.

"I'll give you a ride home."

I just nod my head and follow Luke out the door waving bye to Michael and ignoring Calum completely.

As soon as we're done ridding the elevator and in the car I let the tears slip from my eyes.

"Misery," Luke starts but I just shake my head and chuckle watery.

"No, it's- I'm fine. Totally and utterly fine. I knew he was a stuck up asshole from the beginning so I don't know why I expected anything different." I say wiping my eyes and looking out the window.

I hear Luke sigh after a few minutes and we pull away from the hotel and drive towards the end of the street.

"You can't stay quiet the whole way." He says and I roll my teary eyes.

"And whys that?"

"....... I don't know where you live....." He says and I chuckle lightly.

"Yeah. Forgot. Just turn right up here and make a left at the second set of lights." I say and he smiles and nods his head, doing as told.

After a few minutes of silence, Luke just has to break it.

"You know, he's not normally that much of an asshole...." Luke says and I glare at him from the corner of my eyes and he notices so he quickly says, "I mean, I'm not sticking up for the fuckface. No not at all, what he said was totally uncalled for and unnecessary. But really, he's not normally that mean." Luke explains and I sigh and lean my head against the window as I feel more tears come.

"Great. Just fucking great." I mumble. "So I'm just special. God he really hates me doesn't he....? That's lovely to know thank you Luke." I say hushed but Luke hears me anyway.

"Misery that's not what I meant."

I ignore Luke and sob out, "Wow. My name really suits me doesn't it?" I then end up laughing with tears and I just start crying even more.

"Fuck." Luke mumbles and I just cry harder.

This is why I don't get attached to people.

Trinity is okay sense I've known her for a long time and she's not a guy.

We pull up to my road and starts driving down it. "You can stop it here...."

He looks over at me like I'm crazy and I give him a look making him stop the car. "Why? It's 2:00 in the morning and you want to walk home in the dark after what happened?"

I sigh and run my hands through my messy hair that needs a good wash. "Yeah. I just need time to think and be alone. I don't live far from here anyway. Plus if anyone's awake and they see you or they question who I was with.... I don't feel like answering." I say and he bites his lip but slowly nods his head and unlocks the door for me.

I smile small at him before getting out. I shut the door behind me and wave bye to him before he speeds off. I watch his car disappear down the road into the darkness as he turns a corner.

I stuff my hands in my pockets and groan once I remember I lost my phone.


I frown as I walk down my lonely street thinking of what happened in the last hour.

What an asshole.

Trin can have him for all I care.

I kick a rock and it lands in a bush making a small object rush out and me cover my mouth to stop my self from screaming as I sigh when I see it's a small black kitten.

I stop and look down at the small thing and sigh. I crouch down and it slowly walks over to me. I let it sniff my hand before it rubs its small head on my hand making me smile.

"Hi there." I whisper trying not to scare it off.

It meows at me and I scoop it up in my arms. I grin as it snuggles into my arms and I peck the top of its head.

"Your mine now little kitty." I say and it purrs.

I walk home with the kitten in my arms and unlock the door with the spare key under the stupid porch.

I go in and lock the door again behind me.

I go into the kitchen and grab a water bottle and a small bowel along with some left over chicken from the diner I had the other night.

I put it on a paper plate and set it and the small animal on the table and fill the bowl with some cold water for it to drink.

It goes right at it and I smile as I lean my head on my arms.

"Your very pretty." I say to it and it looks up and blinks it big Green eyes at me making me coo mentally.

It walks over to me and licks my nose and I giggle quietly.

It rolls onto its back and I notice it's a small girl.

"Well You've now got a great home." I say as I pet it's head making it out loudly again. "Echoes." I say as the purring echoes off the walls and I grin.

"Echo." I say as the tiny kitten looks up at me and I scratch behind the ears.

"That's the name your gonna have." I tell her and she meows softly and I put all the stuff away before carrying her up to my room.

I'll get her stuff tomorrow... Er or later.

I get to my room and I set Echo down on my bed and she sits there licking her tiny paws.

I grab shorts and change into them, forgetting about the shirt. I'm to tired.

I brush my teeth quickly and shut my light off. I climb into my bed and Echo curls up close to me making me close my eyes with a smile as she purrs.

Totally forgetting about the hoodie I've still got on, keeping me warm along with the small fur ball.

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