I guess you could say It was love at first hoodie....


17. Coffee Shops and Stomped Hearts.

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Misery's POV

I wake up to something tickling my nose and I jump up, panicked at to what on earth is touching my nose at this ungodly hour.

I look to see Echo, the black kitten I took in last night and sigh. I'm gonna need to get some stuff for her.

I run my hand through my hair and sigh and blink. I bite my lip as I recall yesterday's events.

I shake my head and throw the blanket off me. Echo gives me a confused kitten look from under the covers as I rush around to grab clothes for today.

Try not to cry, try not to cry, it's okay. He's just an asshole of a guy.

I grab out random clothes and rush into the bathroom. I go to take off my shirt and there's a scratch at the door and I sigh, opening the door and Echo comes padding into the washroom, taking a seat on the carpet as she watches me with curious eyes.

I strip down as Echo cleans her self and I hop in.

Why does he have to be an asshole? Why the fuck do I pick jerks?

Good thing I'm in the shower so you can't see my tears.

I quickly wash up and do all that stuff. I turn the water off and grab a towel, wrapping it around my body.

I step out into the mat and Echo looks at me with half closed eyes as she's curled up on the toilet seat.

I then dry off my body and put my clothes on. A black Supernatural shirt and black skinny jeans. Black bra and black underwear. I'm in a mood.

I tie my black hair up in a messy bun before I step out of my bathroom only to almost have a heart attack as I see Trinity laying on my bed on her phone- probably Twitter stalking again- and I gasp, putting my hand over my heart to calm it down.

God damn it why do we just let her walk in?

She looks up at me smiling before she frowns, throwing her phone on my bed before rushing over to me. "What happened? Why have you been crying?" She asks, eyes wide as she grabs my hands.

"How do you know I've been crying?" I ask biting my lip, she smiles sadly.

"We've been friends for a long time Misery. I can tell when you've cried, even if it was in the shower." She says pulling me in for a hug and I just let it all out.

I cry till my face hurts from being wet, I cry till my throat hurts from holding in loud sobs. I just cry.

"Now, tell me what happened?" She asks me gently after a few minutes. I pull back slightly and wipe my face but it's pointless as tears keep flooding from my eyes.

"But- we have school. We have to get to school." I say walking over to my backpack.

"Oh honey school can wait. You're a mess." She says pushing a piece of my hair that's fallen out of my bun.

I shake my head. "No going to school will distract me." I say as I pick up my bag and shoving my phone in my back pocket.

"Are you sure that's what's best for you right now?" She asks and I smile softly at her as I try to not cry again.

I didn't think I liked him this much.

"I'm sure. Let's go." I say as I grab my headphones. We go down the stairs and skip breakfast.

I feel as if I eat I'll just throw it up anyway.

I climb into Trinity's car and drive off to the one place the boys won't dare look for me there.


"Your phone is going off." Trin says to me and I look down, confused as to who would be calling me.

I sigh when I see Luke's name flash across my screen.

I hesitate before pressing decline and just watch out the window at the passing houses and trees.

"It's going off again. Just pick it up, who ever it is probably has something important to tell you." She says and I sigh before pressing answer and holding the phone up to my ear.

No way am I putting it on speaker.

"Hello?" I curse my self out for my voice being scratchy, a clear sign that I've been crying.

Sorry, sobbing.

"Misery? Thank god you picked up. I was beginning to get worried." He says letting out a relived sigh.

I roll my eyes. "What do you want?"  I say, hoping to come out strong and harsh but instead it comes or weak and horas.

"Are you okay? Wait. Where are you right now? Please tell me you're not doing anything stupid." He asks and I glance at Trinity who's glancing at me every few minutes as she keeps driving.

"On my way to school. Don't you have something better to do then call and ask where I am?" I ask slouching in my seat.

"Well not really. Everyone's in a bitchy mood, well except me and Michael. Only because he's clueless to everything." Luke says and I freeze.

"Wait. You told Ashton?!" I yell and Trinity slows down and pulls into a coffee shop that doesn't have many people and she parks. I climb out and start pacing. Trin gets out but goes in the shop.

Probably to let me cool down.

"Well yeah. He's the oldest. And the smartest. So he could have had an idea on how to help with this whole weird situation." He says and I rub my temple.

"But you told him when I didn't want anyone to know. I trusted you to keep that to yourself." I say leaning against the car trying not to break down again.

"Why is it so bad that he knows?" He asks confused.

"Because the more people who know the harder it is to keep it from him?" I tense and I fall against the car and slide down it, bringing my knees to my chest. "He'll hate me even more. If he finds out I'll be the laughing stock. He won't want anything to do with me." I say with a shaky breath.

"Hey it's okay Misery." Luke says and I just chuckle humourlessly while my eyes well with tears again.

"How is it going to be okay Luke? He hates me." I whisper the last part but Luke heard me and he sighs.

"Where are you?" He asks gently.

I look up at the chop sign. "Goldie's." I say and he sighs.

"Okay. Just be calm and don't cry anymore." He says and I roll my red puffy eyes.

"I have school Luke." I say and he groans.

"Just stay for a few minutes and get yourself together before storming into hell." He says and I nod my head even thought he can't see me.

"Yeah okay." I say before taking a deep breath.

"I'll text you." He says and we say our goodbyes.

"So, who was that?" Trinity comes back but with two coffees in her hands.

I smile a little at her and take one from her. I take a sip of it and frown. "Just someone I know." I mumble and I lean against the car again.

"We should get to school." She says but none of us make a move to get back in the car.

"I just need to distract myself for a few minutes." I say and she grins.

"Okay! So I have a question for you." She says grabbing my shoulders.

I bet you 10$ I know what she's gonna ask me.

"Yes?" I ask.

"So um," she says then licks her lips before breaking out into a grin. "Did Calum ever get back to you?" She asks and I chuckle.

If only it were that easy again.

Where I didn't like them and she loved them with all her heart.

And mine wasn't stomped on by a bass player.

But my laughter soon turns into crying again and she grows even more confused and concerned for me. "Oh sweetheart. Please don't cry anymore." She says while getting out a tissue box from her glove box.

She hands me one and I just keep crying.

A car pulls up two spots down from us and the door opens and a certain blonde boy steps out, going on his phone, leaning against the car.

I hear Trinity suck in a gust of air and a tiny squeal leave her lips.

She grabs my shoulders. "Holy shit do you see that? Luke Hemmings is here! The same place that were at right this second!" She says and I just cry even more.

She frowns but then bites her lip to stop from smiling and I know this is a big moment for her but I just can't stop crying.

Well now I feel like a total bitch.

I let out a loud sob and Luke turns his head and his blue eyes land on us.

He sighs before walking over to us. Trinity is probably having a heart attack right now. He rushes over and I pull out of Trinity's grasp and throw my arms around him as he holds me close.

"Sh, Sh. It's okay Mis." He says as he rubs my head. I clutch his shirt tightly and I really don't care if I'm getting tear stains on his shirt, the loser can just buy a new one.

I pull back slightly. He wipes my cheeks with the pad of his thumb and I frown. "Hey don't do that. He's just a jerk who doesn't know something good till it's gone." He says to me and I slowly nod my head.

A cough from behind me breaks my train of thought and I turn around to see Trinity looking at me- us- with wide eyes and I just burry my face more into Luke's blue shirt.

"Whos that's?" He whispers to me and I chuckle quietly.

"My obsessed 5 Seconds Of Summer fanfreak of a friend." I say and he lets out an 'Ahhh".

I pull back to see her watching us like a hawk.

"So uh Trinity this is Luke." I say and she bites her lip as she walks over to us.

"Hi." She breathes out and I roll my eyes. "I'm Trinity." She says and I wipe my eyes again.

"Hi." Luke says like the awkward penguin he is.

"Don't get me wrong, you're cute as hell but I'm a Calum girl all the way. Sorry Luke." She says and my smile fades away just as quickly as it came. I look down at my black vans in the dirt that's drifted into the parking lot.

Luke looks at me and frowns again. "Hey stop frowning love." He says walking past Trin and back over to me. "Your smile is much prettier." He says and I nod my head smiling small at him.

"I still need to get to school. I mean I missed a bunch of first period already but I can't miss second." I say and nod towards Trin who smiles and rushes back to the car.

I go to leave but Luke grabs my arm making me face him again and he's frowning majorly.

"Luke?" I ask confused.

He sighs. "If you ever need anything. I mean anything Miz, tell me. Calum's just an asshole." He says leaning his forehead against mine and I nod my head gently.

"I will. Thank you Luke. I mean it." I say and peck his cheek before going back to the car.

I climb into the passenger seat and I'm worried as we drive off because Trinity is freakishly quiet.

That's not normal, not for her that is.

"So," she starts before clearing her throat. "You know Luke Hemmings." She says. Not as a question but as a fact.

I nod my head gently. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I really thought that yesterday was the last time I would see him." I tell her picking at a loose string on my jeans.

"Just Luke?" She asks and now the truth or lie.

Well I'm on a roll so....

I lean my head against the window. "Just Luke." I tell her closing my eyes. "You know I would tell you if I ever got to talk with Calum."

She lets out a giant sigh. "Yeah I know. You love to much to keep that from me." She says and I chuckle small as we pull up to the school.

We park the car and she gets out. She notices I'm not moving and turns back and opens her car door peering in at me confused. "You coming?"

I slowly nod my head before opening my door and following Trinity to the one place that Calum Hood won't step foot in.

I hope.

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