Hope? No Faith

What would you do if you came from a normal word that suddenly took a turn? Follow Cathys life, will there be love? Will there be fights and will there be dark? Find the answers in Hope? No Faith.


2. Chapter 2


I woke up 6:30 because of my alarm that went of I quickly got up and looked over at Roses bed, empty. She left with Harry last night so she is probably at his room or house or wherever he lives. I really didn't feel like showering today so I just splashed some water in my face and went to my tiny tiny wardrobe at least I could unpack alone yesterday because Rose would for sure comment on my clothes, negative obviously. I pick out a casual outfit because I wanted to be an unnoticed person at this college.so I took some black skinny jeans and a New York top its a little crop but don't to much, I just let my hair hang lose over my shoulder, then I took my Michael Kors bracelet and put on my Lady Gaga perfume then I did my usual makeup routine some concealer mascara and then fill my eyebrows in a little. I pack my bag with my books and all that school shit and then put on my low biker boots, casual.
Just as I was about to walk out Rose came in with Harry followed again, this is going to be a routine. "Hey" I said Rose just ignore me like I didn't exist but yea I don't like her anyway either.
Harry gave me a small smile I just walked out and start heading for my classes I had English first so that was fine, when I got in the class the first thing I saw was Rose and Harry and a lot of other people its probably their gang there was a boy with blonde hair and two boys with down hair the one darker than the other and then there was this boy with dark dark hair and a leather jacket. He was hot, I decided to sit down in the middle as long away from the game as possible but one thing wonder me Rose was the only girl that is literally yea I don't even know weird? Well I take that back in came 2 other girls an when the saw the bang the literally ran over to them, they started to laugh Ohhh how I wish this class just would start. "Hey who are you" someone asked me while touching my hair I felt a little uncomfortable I looked up an saw some blue eyes it was the blonde guy in the gang "uhhmmm" is all I could say before Rose talked over my mouth "she can only say Imm Uhhmm" she laugh and looked at her friends "thats because you never give her a chance to talk" Harry kinda a spit while he and the rest of the gang walk over to my table, great. "Uhhmm I'm Cathy" I said so shy that it was awkward "well hello Cathy I'm Niall and this is Zayn Liam Louis and Harry he said pointing around at the boys "and then their the girls" he laugh I laughed to Roses face was priceless at this point. The class went quickly, luckily. A couple of times the boys tried to talk to me but I ignore them because I really don't want to get involved with them and their business and stuff. When the class ended I literally ran out I don't know why really it's not like I'm scared of them but maybe a little threatened. I walk over to a little coffee shop close to the school and buy a black coffee and sat at a little table in the corner, I toke my phone up and start scrolling down my Facebook page but that's what when I heard a group of high laughter walking in I looked up and saw the gang like literally don't I ever get peace? I quickly looked down hoping they won't see, but of course they did "heeeey" Niall said and came over to me "hey" i awkwardly said Niall sat down at my table and I quickly strand up and began to walk over to the door when a hand grap my arm "you can have your table back I just wanted to talk a little" Niall said a little hurt I guess "uhh no it wasn't like that I just have classes soon" I lied but I really didn't want to get involved with them "liar we have the same classes" Niall said "are you stalking me" I laugh "maybe a little" he laughed to "I like to be in good time" I told him witch wasn't a complete lie but yea "well oka..." He didn't get to say anymore before Harry came over and said something to Niall so he walk away, I was just starting to like Niall "Uhhmm yah he isn't so politely" Harry said "oh I think he seems kind" I said with a smile "kind?" Harry laugh "I think you should find a gang by yourself instead of trying to get involved with ours" Harry spit i took a step back I don't why really "I didn't wanted to get involved in your gang but you and you girlfriend kinda came in OUR room last night an fight an it was your gang who came to the coffee shop AFTER me" I said just as Harry turned around to walk back to the table he turned around one last time and said "she isn't my girlfriend if you didn't got that last night and by the way you got nice boobs" he said with a smirk on his face I turned around and walked out of the store and find myself smiling, wait why am I smiling? He is a jackass I reminded myself but I couldn't stop smiling. 

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