Hope? No Faith

What would you do if you came from a normal word that suddenly took a turn? Follow Cathys life, will there be love? Will there be fights and will there be dark? Find the answers in Hope? No Faith.


1. Chapter 1

Maybe my life isn't so excited as I wanted It to be but I'm graceful, I have a mother and a dad and then a terrible background but who gives a fuck really. I live in the USA but I decided to take college In England just to get away you know like kind of an escape but yea now im sitting in the most uncomfortable chair ever, exactly an airplane chair but luckily I only have to sit here for a couple of minutes longer. It was already around 6 o'clock when I landed.
My bags and all that college shit has already been transported to the college thank god, I decided to just grap a taxi. When I got inside the taxi I pot my headphones right on just so that I could relax a little before I had to deal with my roommate, I probably got some jackass but yea..... there isn't really a but here. When the taxi driver hold in to the parking lot I gave him his money an went straight up to the information to get my keys and that went quick and well. It was now, it was now that I should face not only my roommate but also college and my carrier, I put the key In the key hole and turned the key around and open the door slowly until some jackass pulled the door up she quickly gave me the elevator eyes, I just walk in "umm what are you doing" she asked me "heeeey my name is Cathy I'm your new roommate" I turned around and direct my arm out so that she could shake my hand but she didn't "well why are you starting so late on your year" omg she is one of those bitchy types who never shout up "well umm I live in the USA so I got the confirmation letter a little bit later than you" I lied "omg I didn't asked for your life story" bitch, she walk out in our bathroom and I look around an saw all of my stuff pack ind bags and boxes laid in my bed "excuse me but what are you doing in here" I looked up and saw the must beautiful green eyes that you easy could get lost in "umm I live here with... Yea I don't know her name" I looked down at my feet a little awkward "her name is Rose" I looked up to find him walking over to sit in her bed I guess it hers tho "ohh okay thanks" before I could say anything else Rose came out of the bathroom in the smallest skirt an top I ever seen and here I stand in black jeans and a oversize lakers t-shirt like seriously? She almost attack the guy that I'm guessing is her boyfriend because they are literally eating each other  Rose got up and got her bag and then she tied her shoes while her ass was literally up in her boyfriends face but he didn't seem to mind disgusting. "Don't you know it's rude to stare" Rose spite "i uhhmmm i" I really didn't know what to say "ohh darling we are the cutest couple at camp tho so we don't mind but don't do it so obvious" Rose kinda proud said they walk out but 10 seconds later Rose boyfriend came back and stuck his head in "I'm Harry by the way" "I'm Cathy" he smiled and walk out again, one thing was sure you got lost in his eyes and hypnosis by his dimples.
 I don't know why but I couldn't stop thinking about Harry and Rose who obviously was together I don't know why it bothered me so much but it did, just as I thought that Rose came into the room followed by Harry "get out Harry" I literally felt like they didn't know I was in the room to "I haven't done anything wrong" Harry suddenly yelled like what was happening here "I only said to you I didn't want you to go and tell people we are together because we obviously don't are" he calmly said such a mood change "I thought we had something" Rose cried this suddenly became awkward "we didn't" Harry said cold like he didn't had any feelings "you of all people should know me I don't date i have sex" omg I literally just need popcorn right now and that's when Harry saw but I think I did a pretty good job hiding me behind the boxes in my bed but obviously not good enough "what the hell are you doing here" Rose yelled "uhhmmm I uhhmmm" I got out of bed and looked down at my feet "uhhm I" is that the only damn thing you can say" Rose yelled again "calm down" Harry said "I live here to you know" I said calming "you live here to? You live here to? She repeated "do you think that you can just decided who I bring in the room" she yelled even louder I needed to stand up for myself so she don't think she own me "I don't even know you and you are treating me like shit and dragging me into your boyfriend drama and I need to get my damn sleep so can you just plizz take it outside" I yelled Harry started to laugh "what are you laughing at" Rose spit "because it's hard to take her serious when her t-shirt is so low that I can see her bra" Harry laugh I quickly pulled my t-shirt up. I must been so red in my face but not as red as Roses 

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