battles training and soulbonds

a prophecy is made eight can defeat voldemort


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My dad told me to floo my friend from the JR marauders to come over. So I flooed Ginny and Ron at the burrow, Jake at grimmauld place, Neville at longbottom maner and Hermione at granger home. when they got there we were told to wait for lilly and Dumbledore.  when they got ther from work we were told we were going to be trained to defeat snake face cause of some prophecy given by ginny my bond mate. The eight who will end the reign of terror will emerge and be powerful enough they will be himself the choosen one, his soulmate the seer,his righthand man the planner, the wise owl his sisre in all but blood and his sisters two powerful twins,the green prince his the herbal master,and the brewer. find theese people and train them to succeed
You eight are the people mentioned in this. harry you are the choisen one, Ginny his soulmate and a seer,Hermione the wise owl, Jaylee and Rennee his twin sisters, Ron his right hand man, Neville the green prince and Jake the brewer. Training will start tomorrow. Go home and pack for the summer you will be staying here so you dont have to rush every morning be here before breakfast.I will see you guys tomorrow at five your training chlothes will be in your room. you will learn to be an amigus, a grand sorcer or sorceress, a potion master or mistress a charms, transfiguration,dada and magical creatures expert along with learning to sword fight, do karate, and apperate I have also gotten the eight of you realesd from the underage magic law. I will see you tomorrow.

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