Letting go

Lots of sexual content,homosexuality,vulgar language,alcohol



Harry's POV

Wow it took a lot to losen him up and get him to come home with me.he talked about how his best friend Ames just got her heart broken by some guy .

This didn't really help my case because all I could think about was Amy

Amy was my last girlfriend before I turned completely gay.i cheated on her with Carlie Filgot the summer before college.she still is torn up about it.

"Wow holy crap your dimples !"

I smiled at this,bringing him to gasp and squeal as he basically fangirled over them

"Can I poke them ...please please pleeeeease ??!!"

"No !"I said smacking his hand away playfully

"Please I'll do ANYTHING just please"

"Anything ?"I asked looking over from the driver seat

"AN - NY -THING!"he said mAking a cute pouty face

"Fine-one time"I said

He poked my dimple and giggled cutely like was drunk .which he was.

"Here we are"I said pulling up to my flat. When I got out with him I reAched my car keys behind me to lock my car

" oh my gosh can I try that I've always wanted to!"

"Ugh..sure here" I said handing him the keys

"Really,cool he said taking them

He stood positioning himself doing this weird dance and walked putting the keys behind him and pressed the button

The wrong button


"Louis!press the other button!"this seemed to break the spell that the alcohol put on him

"How the fuck...?!"

I grabbed the car keys and pressed the button. It was a little too late because the old guy across the street came out onto his porch

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