Letting go

Lots of sexual content,homosexuality,vulgar language,alcohol


3. letting go ch.3 "Drinks"

Louis's POV

Styles nodded at the light guy and grabbed my hand leading me off stage to the bar.an overhead speaker announced that the"little whore Horan" was about to perform.that really seemed to excite the club.Styles led me to a seat and beckoned a waitress over to us."so what's your real name"I asked

"Styles is my real name"

"I mean your first name"

"Come home with me and I'll tell you"I went to open my mouth to say no when He leaned over the table and kissed me .he started sliding his tongue in my mouth as I kissed back

"Ahem" we turned to see a topless waitress holding our drinks"thank you"Styles said taking the drinks and setting them down.i took mine and stared at it not looking up"drink up,Lou "so I did

One drink




Soon I was getting into a strangers car that I just met and danced with...

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