Letting go

Lots of sexual content,homosexuality,vulgar language,alcohol


2. Letting go ch.2 "Fun"

Louis POV

Stranger Styles?even his stage name is sexy!when I walked in to the bar (at first I wasn't aware of the male strippers )I went strait for the bar and ordered the most alcoholic beverage they had. I needed it that was when I noticed the most sexiest fucking person I have ever seen.he must have noticed me staring because he stopped and looked back at me.then I almost had a panic attack when I saw he was beckoning to me.so now I'm in his arms looking at him as we stand on the stage

"What kind of fun ,mr styles?"

"That depends do you want to just let me do a show with you or would you rather come home with me afterwards too"

I froze.i find this man irresistible but at the same time I can't have sex with him.

I'm a virgin.

"let's just um just do whatever you have for today"

Styles made a pouty face and looked like I just killed his pet.

Oh damn ,don't think about Sam now I thought -he was my first pet -anyways styles stopped pouting and leaned In and bit my neck.oh my fucking god!he found my spot.then he set me down where I was laying on the floor of the stage and started grinding up against me.people literally cheered.i felt myself getting hard as he pressed himself to me. Styles lifted his shirt over his head throwing it into the crowd-earning more cheers.i acted on impulse and placed my hands on his chest lightly pushing so he stood up and lifted me up too.i don't know why maybe the crowd and the drinks but I turned around and backwardly placed my hands on his neck grinding against the stiff bulge in his pants he the crowed went crazy as he put his hands on my waist making very sexual movements.styles leaned in and grabbed my bum and whispered in my ear"you have a cute ass- seriously it's nicer than a lot of girls '."I rolled my eyes and grinned .ive been told this before like a thousand times I know I have a nice bum and this isn't the first time someone has grabbed it.i turned around "I gotta go"

"No stay" he said pulling me back to him the crowed went crazy "I have to go" I said again "no ,come home with me,Lou ."hearing him call me that didn't help my issue in my trousers. "I can't ". "Why?are you taken?" "No,it's not that I-I -I I'm... I just can't ". "Then stay for a couple drinks pleeeeease I want to know you other than your name". I looked at him in those beautiful eyes of his and for some reason I couldn't say no. "Fine,one drink"

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