Letting go

Lots of sexual content,homosexuality,vulgar language,alcohol


1. letting go ch.1 "Stranger Styles"

Harry's POV-

I never knew anyone could be as attractive as Louis Tomlinson . Well that was before I met him

Here he was at the man hunt-well now it's called Welles strip club since this man Jonathan Welles bought it from Liam who happened to be moving to Vegas . Well I was doing a new routine that Niall ,another male stripper ,taught me when I noticed him at the bar.i don't usually bring guys on stage from the audience I mean I've done it before usually am good with chicks. Zayne being the gay one always offers to do it. Me I'm more gender neutral I like both.

"You"I said pointing at him

He almost spit his martini back in his glass.then he made a bewildered look and pointed to his chest as if to ask 'me?'

I grinned and nodded motioning him to come here with my finger

He raised his eyebrows at me like he was surprised I was talking to him I let out a laugh "yes you come here and tell me your name sexy

Shane,our DJ and light man pit a soft hazy spotlight on the guy as he made his way to the stage"so what's your name"I asked when he stepped on the stage"it's Louis ,Tomlinson ,I I mean it's louis Tomlinson "

"Well Louis Tomlinson ,"I said lifting him up on my hips as he wrapped his arms around my waist"I'm stranger styles, lets have some fun."

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