Bellatrix Daughter

Rena is the daughter of Bellatrix the Death Eater and no one at Hogwrats lets her forget it either. There's also something different about her Not long after starting school she finds out she called a Dream Seer someone who has visions while sleeping.


1. Family Name

The sun was coming up. It shined through the curtains.

“Young miss” said an annoying voice “It’s time to wake up, Rena.”

“Go away Dobby” said Rena.

“You need to get up so you can get your stuff for Hogwarts” said Dobby.

Rena through her pillow at him, knocking him backwards.

“Go away” she repeated.

“Master pleas wake up” said a less squeaky voice.

“Angle I don’t want to” said Rena.

“But you should before your uncle comes up here” said Angle.

Rena got up yawning. She went downstairs to find her aunt, uncle and cousin at the table.

“Rena” said Draco.

“What?” she asked sitting down.

“You better be in Slytherin when we go to Hogwarts” he said.

“I want to be in the house that you’re not in” she said glaring at him.

“Rena” said her uncle.

“Sorry” she said cutting her pancakes.

“Well now Rena why don’t you want to be in Slytherin?” asked her aunt.

“Draco is here twenty-four seven with me” she said “he’s kind of annoying.”

“You ungratef-“Draco started.

“Draco” said her aunt “Go get ready for Diagon Ally.”

They walked upstairs together.

“You’re an embarrassment to the family” he said stopping at his door “your too soft.”

“Shut up” she said slamming her door.

“You would be a disappointment to your parents and your family name” said Draco on the other side of the door.

‘Disappointment huh’ she thought ‘Unlike you I don’t want to be like my parent’s and land in a cell in Azkaban, I don’t want to be like them, I couldn’t hurt someone like that. Poor Neville Longbottum I have to make up for what my parent’s did to his. I hope I’m in Gryffindor.’

She let her mind wander away for awhile trying to find ways to make it up to Neville. Most were dead ends. If she could somehow prove to him that she wasn’t like her parents. To try to help ease the pain of what they had done. She felt sorry for him, and if her parent’s weren’t in Azkaban they would make sure she wouldn’t feel sorry at all.

Her parent’s were sent to Azkaban when she was a year old she’s seen pictures of the she resembled her mother in looks.

“Let’s go Rena” said her aunt knocking one the door.

“Coming” she said and went downstairs.

“Hurry up” said her uncle said. As she walked in the door.

“Flou powder or-” said her aunt.

“Yes” her uncle cut her off.

Rena took a pinch and thru it into the fire.

“Diagon Ally” she said and she was spinning in green flames. She thru her hands out when she stopped and stood up. Only to be knocked back down by Draco.

“Get off of me” she said as his parents apparated next to them.




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