Bellatrix Daughter

Rena is the daughter of Bellatrix the Death Eater and no one at Hogwrats lets her forget it either. There's also something different about her Not long after starting school she finds out she called a Dream Seer someone who has visions while sleeping.


2. Diagon Ally

Well” said Aunt Narcissa “Dust your selves off.”

Gringotts” said Uncle Lusices.

Let’s go” said Aunt Narcissa “What are we going to do about Rena?”

I don’t know” said Uncle Lusices

Will they let her in?” said Aunt Narcissa.

I don’t know” he said “We will find out though.”

They walked up the steps to the bank a warning on the door about thieves. They walk to a goblin that wasn’t busy.

Rena looked around the room a huge man with a small boy was standing on the other side of the room and disappeared behind a door to the vaults.

Malfoy for withdraw” said Uncle Lusices.

Miss Rena Bellatrix Lestrange would like to make a withdraw” said Aunt Narcissa.

And dose Miss Rena Bellatrix Lestrange have a wand to prove who she is” said the goblin.

It’s her first year at Hogwarts” said Uncle Lusices.

Do you have anything” asked the goblin.

I have my sister’s wand” said Aunt Narcissa putting a wand on the table.

The goblin examined it. “Ok” he said.

I will go with Rena you go with Draco” said Aunt Narcissa.

Ok” said Uncle Lusices. And they separated the ride wasn’t to long. When they got to the vault the goblin opened the door.

Don’t touch anything yet” he said he used his own magic “it’s now safe to make your withdraw”

She took out three a velvet bags she filled one with Gold Gallons, another with Silver Sickles, the last with Bronze Knuts. They stepped out of the vault the goblin used his magic again. And they left.

Where to first?” said Aunt Narcissa.

Get robes” said Draco.

Books” said Rena.

Split up again” said Aunt Narcissa.

They walked to Flurish and Blots Rena got her books and Aunt Narcissa got Draco’s. Next they got potion ingredients. A girl with bushy brown hair bumped into her.

Watch where your going” said Aunt Narcissa.

Rena got fitted for her robes then got a snowy owl. The last stop they made was Olivander’s wand shop.

Hello” he greeted her while her aunt went to find Draco.

Hello” said Rena.

I wondered when I would see you. Miss Lestrange” he said talking wands off the shelves.

You did?” said Rena

Yes” said Olivander “oak unicorn hair 9 1/2 inches.”

She took and wave the wand nothing happened. Olivander took it back.

Pine, dragon heartstring 12 inches” he handed it to her and took it back. “Ash unicorn hair 10 inches” he took that one back almost as soon as he gave it to her. This continued for another five minutes. “Not to worry we will find you a wand. Cherry phoenix father 10 inches.” He handed her the wand but this time did not take it from her. She waved and blue stars came from it.

I told you we would find you one” said Olivander

She paid for her wand and left the shop and her Aunt and Uncle were waiting for her.

You ready?” asked Aunt Narcissa.

Yes” said Rena.

They went home.


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