Love Songs

This is a completely fictional version of the 2 vocaloids
Kamui Gakupo and Megurine Luka. They don't belong to me. I only own the story. Any resemblance of a real name is completely coincidental, for this is a figment of my imagination. Enjoy!


1. Into This World

  "Where am I? What's going on?! Is anyone there?"The pink-haired girl cried out in confusion. She was nowhere; or that was what it had seemed. She was obviously somewhere, for no one could be 'nowhere', but it was how people would describe 'nowhere'.

    She looked down at herself. She noticed that she had been wearing an unfamiliar dress. It was white, with the slightest tint of pink, had no straps, and reached just above the knee. She was also barefoot, she observed. She looked around and saw the empty space of this strange, misty, unidentified world. 
            Alright, I guess i should look for someone around here.. She thought.
    The girl decided to start to walk. Her long pale pink hair swayed as she walked. As she continued to walk, she catches a glimpse of something. She squinted her gray-blue, stormy eyes and waved the mist away to try to see it again. For a brief moment, she sees a tree through the thick mist. She starts to run towards it, thinking that something.. or someone might be there. As she sprinted towards the large, mysterious lone tree, she sees a tree house also. She broke into a faster run, tripping on her steps, and finally approached the solemn tree. The girl, out of breath, anxiously began her ascend. She reaches the tree house, cautious of her steps. The door is already opened, as if waiting for someone to enter. She stepped in and admired the house in awe. It was beautifully styled as a traditional Japanese house. She found a pair of purple slippers and stepped into them.
        I hope the owner won't mind. I wonder what kind of person lives in such an amazing house? She thought as she wandered the large house. She took off her slippers as she approached the tatami mats leading to a different room. She walked into the kitchen and found some dishes in the sink and a cup of coffee that is still hot and half-drunken. She has a strange impulse to taste the coffee. She picked up the cup and slowly takes a tiny sip from it. She found the coffee to be the best thing she had ever tried; smooth and creamy and sweet and just warm enough to send a shiver down her thin, pale arms. She placed the coffee back on the table and sighed -
        Suddenly someone grabs her mouth and arms from behind her. Her heart skips a beat and she freezes. She starts to struggle and tries to yell, but this persons arms have a firm grip around her. She feels this person's chiseled abs against her back and realizes that it was a man holding her. She starts to struggle again and he calls out the girls name.

 "Luka! Luka relax!! Luka!!!" The girl wakes up in a cold sweat, to find that it was a dream.

-To Be Continued-

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