Love Songs

This is a completely fictional version of the 2 vocaloids
Kamui Gakupo and Megurine Luka. They don't belong to me. I only own the story. Any resemblance of a real name is completely coincidental, for this is a figment of my imagination. Enjoy!


4. Decision

  As soon as she got home, Luka threw herself on her bed and sighed. She closed her eyes and pictured him; His amazing eyes, his smile... 'Kamui Gakupo, huh..Maybe I should ask the girls about it.' She thought. 'I wanted to say yes, but... I don't know, I had some doubts. Okay, lemme ask okaa-san if they can come.'
  "Kaa-san!...Mama!!.... OKAA-SAN!!!!" she yelled. "Hiro-chan! Come here." She called to her younger sister, Hiroko. She is in her 1st year or middle school. She had the same grey-blue eyes as Luka, but her hair was a charcoal gray with a tint of pink, like her father.
  "What's up, onee-chan?" She walked in and sat on her desk chair.
"Can you ask Okaa-san if Gumi, Rin, and Miku can come over? Please?" She pleaded cutely. She tilted her head and made a puppy dog face.
"Can I hang out with you guys?"
"Fine, just hurry up!" she sighed. Hiroko runs downstairs and asks. Their mother says yes and Luka texts them. She changes into shorts and a tank and goes downstairs. She goes in the fridge to get a vanilla yogurt and goes back upstairs. She sets the yogurt down, sits on the soft carpet and sighs. She decides to ask her mom to join their discussion when they come. But for now, she eats her yogurt in tiny little, neat bites and thinks about him.
"Luka-chan! Your friends are here, hon!" Her mom calls. Luka practically flies down the stairs where everybody is. Gumi, Hiroko, Miku, Rin, and her mom stand there.
"Okay guys, I need all of us to gather for a meeting. You too, Mama"
    The girls are all gathered in Luka's room, sitting in a semicircle around her table. Luka sits in front of them, and begins.
"Okay guys, we're all gathered here because I need your advice." She announces. "Let me start at the beginning. So, last night, I had this dream..." She explains the dream to them, blushing a little at the embarrassing bits.
  "Woah, Lukacchi, that's craazy!" Miku cried. "Keep going!" Luka took a breath, and continued.
 "Okay, so then, I was in 1st period this morning, and I was thinking about this guy and the dream, when sensei calls someone and I hear his voice!" Everyone gasps and Gumi raises her brow in interest. "Then I turn to see who it was, and I found him already looking at me! I blush and-
"But who is this guy?" Rin interrupts. "Eveybody is wondering." Everyone nods accordingly. Luka blushes.
"Well, his name is Kamui Gakupo.." Everyone but Hiroko and her mom gasped.
"That pretty-boy-samurai-offspring?!" Gumi cried "No way!" Her mom and sister try to follow, looking around.
"Wait, I have a picture of him! He was in my class last year and we're friends." Miku pulls out her iPhone and scrolls through her pics. She shows them a picture of her, Neru, Kaito, and Gakupo together. Hes smiling brightly. 'It captures his natural beauty' Luka thought. she tells the rest of the story with bright pink cheeks and asks everyone for their opinion.
  "Go for it!' Hiroko giggles. "I want a hot onii-chan!"
  "Luka, I knew you would get a cute one." Gumi beamed
  "Gakucchi x Lukacchi? I like the sound of that!"
  "You'd better not forget about us." Rin pouts, but then smiles.
  "Luka-chan," her mother muses, "I trust you, but i wanna meet this hottie!" They all cheer and whoop and party, antcipating and preparing her for the next day.

-To Be Continued-
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