Love Songs

This is a completely fictional version of the 2 vocaloids
Kamui Gakupo and Megurine Luka. They don't belong to me. I only own the story. Any resemblance of a real name is completely coincidental, for this is a figment of my imagination. Enjoy!


3. Bloom

"Wait, Megurine-san.... Where are we going?"

Gakupo asks, being pulled along by Luka. She didn't have time to answer, she just wanted to figure this out asap.

"Just, come on! We're almost there!"

 she says, urgently and annoyed. As she dragged him, Gakupo started to study Luka. Her long, silky hair, definitely beautiful facial features, and of course the amazing curves. Plus, her voice was amazing. He recalled the other day that he heard her singing alone in the classroom by accident. 'She was so beautiful that day, like an angel...' he thought blissfully. Luka turned around and saw that his cheeks were bright pink.

"Hey.." she had a worried face on,"..Are you alright?"

She stopped and turned around to face him, still holding his hand. When he noticed this, he just blushed more and looked down.

"Hey, Kamui-kun.." She said softly as she peered at his face. "Are you sick or something? Wanna sit down?"

 She lifted her bangs off her forehead and pressed it against his. Gakupo's face was practically on fire by then. 'Wait... What am I doing?!' Luka thought. She fluttered her eyes open to meet his. Realizing that they were only one breath apart, She blushed hard and stared at him.' What is it like to kiss someone,' she wondered. She blushed a little more and batted her lashes.
    'Oh my god, I really wanna kiss her right now..' Gakupo, with all the strength in his cells that he could muster, was trying to hold back. He just wanted to hug her, but he didn't want her to hate him; Plus he got a good view of her cleavage from there. She looked at him, her eyes longing for him to kiss her. 
    'I can't believe I'm gonna do this, but..' she closed her eyes and ever so slightly tilted her head, giving him the green light. He looked at her, stunned at first, but then smiled and slowly closed the space between them. Their lips were barely touching, and she felt his warmth spread to her. She pushes into the kiss more, her heart pounding. Gakupo grabs her and kisses her harder, running his hands through her long hair.'Her lips are so soft..' he thought as they kissed. He shifted his lips and let her tongue slide into his mouth.
'Poor girl doesn't know what shes doing,' he joked to himself. He led her on, showing her how to kiss with out showing her anything. She rests her hands on his shoulders and reaches for some air. Gakupo sees her in this state; slightly sweaty,cheeks flushed and her eyes sultry; and can't help but grab her again. He picked her up and brought her to the nearest bench. He placed her on his lap and hugged her. She nuzzled into his neck and realized that, even though she had recently started talking to Gakupo, she really liked him.

"Kamui-kun" "Megurine-san"

They said at the same time. After they laughed, he said,

"Go first."
"Well..." she mumbled, "..Honestly, I think I like you.."

 She looked down and the heat started to creep up into her face. He took her tiny chin in his thumb and index finger and made her look up at him. 

"Well, guess what?" he said
"I was gonna say the same thing." He smiled, "Megurine Luka-san, will you be my girlfriend? I promised to take good care of you!"
"Actually," she got off of his lap. "..can you give me a day to think about it? I just need to think about some things first. Please?
"Of course," he pouted and sighed slightly. "Now can I ask you of something?"
"What's that?"  She sat next to him.
Can I call you Luka?"

 She blushed at hearing her name being said by an unfamiliar voice.

"Okay." She got up and remembered why they came in the first place. "Wait, so, did we really see the same dream last night?
"Yeah, I think so.." he said, trying to recall. "It's kinda weird..."
"I guess so." She looked around. "I need to get going..."
"I'll walk you!" he offered, trying to spend as much time with her as possible.
"Um, okay, I guess."

    They started walking and Gakupo decided to shut up before she got annoyed and changed her mind. They walked in silence, thinking to themselves. They finally reached the place where they needed to split up.

"Well, I'm going this way." she said.

Gakupo frowned, hoping that they could spend more time together.

"So, I'll see you tommorow?" she asked

Gakupo just pulled her into a hug and said,

"Please think about it."

    His voice was soft, but serious. Luka blushed, closed her eyes and nodded. He let go of her, and they said good bye, both anxious for the next day.

-To Be Continued-
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