The Beast Inside

Miya is the new girl in a new town. Her school is.. Weird, but she's the most popular kid there. Mostly because of her bad ass attitude, but also because of her bad ass abilities.


1. The Day I Met Miya

Miya POV.

I woke up and crawled out of my bed grunting and growling, showered and got dressed:light teal grey and white spaghetti strap zip up crop top, white tassel cardigan, light blue high waist ripped skinny jeans, white heels, gold ankle bracelet, gold knuckle rings, gold nose ring, gold stud belly ring, white over sized Michael's bag, clear lip gloss.

And drove to school and walked to my locker being watched as I took every step and I opened my locker throwing my sun glasses in and some kid snapped a picture of me and I jumped and glared at the skinny kid with braids and a camera in my face smiling

Miya:What's your problem kid?

Kid:Sorry. Rayan Smith head of the Rosen High School Newspaper. I want to put your beautiful face in one of my comic strips. As.. The Prettiest girl to hit Rosen High School in years!

Miya:Well Rayan maybe you should just ask next time.

I growled and he jumped and ran away and the kid standing at his locker of his phone laughed

Miya:What's so funny kid?

Guy:Your a bad as huh? Well. It takes more than scaring that kid to be a bad as at this school okay?

Miya:And who are you?

Guy:Im Jacob. The baddest bad as in this punk as school.

He grinned and outstretched his hand and I slammed my locker shut and walked off. He's annoying.

Jacob POV.

Wow. She scared that kid just by glaring at him. She's bad, but she'll never be as bad as me.

She walked away and I couldn't help observing her curvy hips and perfect body. She's not only bad. But shes BAD

I'll never forget the day I met.. Whats her name.. Never asked. Dam it!

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