The Beast Inside

Miya is the new girl in a new town. Her school is.. Weird, but she's the most popular kid there. Mostly because of her bad ass attitude, but also because of her bad ass abilities.


2. Asking is Hard

Jacob POV.

After school I waited for the girl at her locker. Turns out her name is Miya. I like it. She walked near her locker saw mw and walked towards the door and I chased after her

Jacob:Hey Miya! Miya wait.

I got hold of her arm and she turned around her eyes Mint green


Jacob:Whoa. Whats up with your eyes?

She grabbed my arm and dragged me to her car. Wow s=this girl's strong! She threw me in her passenger seat and closed and locked the doors and jumped on me pinning my arms down and had her elbow in my neck

Miya:Swear you won't tell anyone!

Jacob:I swear just don't kill me please!

She let me go and sat back down 

Miya:Im a werewolf.

Jacob:And Im Rosie O' donald.

Miya:Im serious!

Jacob:Show me.

Miya:If I show you I have to turn you.

Jacob:So what? It's not like it's gonna hurt.

She smiled and 5 sharp claws popped from her fingernails and she smiled even harder her eyes golwing like little beams of green light

Miya:You ready?

Jacob:What ever.

She climbed on my lap and I smiled

Jacob:Oh so this is how you do it.

Miya:Nope this is. And don't worry it wont hurt. Me.

She scratched across my chest making an x and It started to burn and she covered my mouth. She's really strong. She pulled a mirror out of her purse and I saw my eyes turning bright green and I started screaming even louder and she climbed off my lap and flipped a switch on her dash board after making sure everyone in the parking lot was gone and the car turned into a massive truck. Like a transformer. And put tape over my mouth and drove off super fast I saw the blood coming out of my chest and I started freaking out

Miya:Won't work if you struggle. You'll just bleed out and die in my passanger seat trying to get something out of me.

I looked at her, fear bulging from my eyes and i felt something expand inside me and the bleeding stopped and the scar faded some and she smiled in the mirror and stopped the car

Miya:Now brethe.

Jacob:What did you do to me?!?

Miya:You wanted to see. So I showed you.

Jacob:This is way more than just a presentation!

Miya:You okayed it so I sliced you out your humanity. Now you're just like me.

She smiled evilly and we got out the car in front of an abandoned building and she patted my back

Miya:Welcome to your training facility.

Jacob:This an abandoned building. What if it falls down?!?

Miya:Catch it.

She walked inside and I smiled. So much for a first day huh?

Jacob:Uhm Miya I don't think we should be here.

Miya:Aww you to much of a pussy to carry on upstairs?

Jacob:Fuck yeah.

I tried turning around and something grabbed my hair and I stopped.

Jacob:Not the hair.

I turned and face her. She was all the way on the other side of the room. She hanked her arm towards her self and I was dragged over to her. This is gonna be a long. Woah! This place is swanky! She has a bar a curved flat screen, 4 sink in couches, and wooden stairs (the ones connected to the wall with no railing.

Jacob:How come you never told me this was your house?

Miay:I've known you for 9 hours. I wasn't even planning on taking you here. Now show me your wolf.

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