Past, Present, Future: The Present

I can easily tell that she's nervous for our sakes. She looks at me, panic. Honestly, I don't really care. All I want is to sing to my girlfriend in front of everyone.
Man, I'd do anything for her. The only girl I've ever wanted, the only girl I've ever loved. The one and only, My Skyler.

Luke Hemmings of 5SOS finally introduce the love of his life, which apparently has been hiding for years from the media!
Read to find out more about Skyler and their relationship!


14. Mike-rophone

Skyler's POV

We finally hang up on Liz and finished our breakfast. Matt come over to help the boys get the straight on what to share on social media.

"I have a couple pictures from last night. We can post it on instagram." Ash suggests. He gives his phone to Matt so he can see the picture. Matt gives it to me so I can see it too. The first one is a picture of my hand with the engagement ring on my finger, with the heart-shaped flowers that Mike made on the floor in the background. The second one is a picture of Luke and I hugging each other, taken from the side so Luke's head covered mine. The third one is just a selfie of Ash, Cal, and Mike holding the flowers with the flower ornaments in the background. "it's nice." I compliment it.

So after an hour of debating, we finally agreed on what's gonna be posted.

"Now, read everything you gonna post out loud before you post it so we're totally on the same page." says Matt.

"I'm just gonna post on instagram the selfie picture and the caption is 'Look what we got! This is insane! Congrats on my very best bro, @luke_is_a_penguin! Does this mean I have to arrange a bachelor party for you soon? Sickest thing ever'" Calum explains.

"I'm gonna tweet a couple tweets like 'Another amazing thing just happened last night. @Luke5SOS I'm so proud of you, man. She literally looks so perfect for you!' cause that would totally make the fans crazy for news. and then I'll reply someone and said like 'Luke's taken for good' or just tweet 'Luke's engaged'" says Ash.

"I'm just gonna tweet 'So happy for luke. Should I just go ahead and do online dating? Engagement seems fun.'" says Mike.

"I'll just reply you guys so no one would suspect anything." I say.

"And I won't tweet anything at this moment maybe I'll post the hugging picture on Instagram a couple hours from now." says Luke.

"Let's do it, then." says Matt.

Just as expected, social media go full crazy pretty much seconds after they posted everything. There are a lot of emotions going on. Some are excited, some said that Luke betrayed them, some said they wanna kill the bitch that stole Luke from them, some are happy for Luke. We all laugh when we read fans' replies.

"Check this out; '@5sosforlyfe: @Ashton5SOS swear to God ash tell us who's the girl and her social security number so we can kill this bitch.'" says Ashton.

"I guess I should hire a bodyguard after the engagement, eh?" I laugh.

"I feel like tweeting. I'm just gonna tweet 'Luke went full retard last night'" Cal says as he tweets what he just say.

"hey hey check this; '@lukespenguinz: @Michael5SOS that's unfair! Luke should marry us all instead of just one!'" says Mike.

"I'd marry all my fans for sure." says Cal. "Wait, second thought, I'd just bang them and not married at all for life." Cal continues.

"Dude, many of them are under age. You'll go to jail." I say.

"I won't go to jail if the cops don't know what I'm doing, right?" he laughs.

"That's just wrong, man." Luke laughs.

My phone rings, Chlo calls me.

"Chloe call me." I say.

"Is she the girl with flaming red hair from yesterday? She's cute." says Mike.

"OH yes! I remember her. Mike secretly told me he has a crush on her!" says Ash.

"If only I don't have to keep all of this as a secret, I'd totally set you up with her. She's such a cool person." I say.

"This should be fun. Put her on speakerphone!" says Cal. I press answer and put it on speaker. "Hey Chlo." I say.

"OMG have you seen twitter and instagram? Luke just got engaged!!" she's excited as hell.

"What? No I just woke up like 15 minutes ago, I haven't check anything yet. For real, though? Is it official? Like, not a hoax or whatever?" I act like I don't believe the news. Oh girl, if only you knew I'm Luke's fiancee...

"Yeah, Ash and Mike tweeted about it. Cal even instagramed it It's super legit." says Chloe. "I wonder who's the lucky girl..." says Chloe. It's me, girlfriend!

"Yeah. She must be super awesome to make Luke fall for her like that." I say. Luke rolls his eyes on me. "Maybe we should ask them ourselves on tonight's dinner!" I suggest.

"That's what I was about to say! Or maybe she'll even be there! We'll never know." she says. Oh yes, I'll obviously be there.

"Anyway, have Matt told you that the dinner will be kind of formal? I got dresses for dinner but I don't know which one to wear. I need your advice asap." she says.

"Yeah, he texted me earlier." I lie. I know this all along. "Sure! I'll tell you which dress that's gonna blow Michael's mind off the planet, girl. Cause that's the kind of dress you must wear in front of Michael." I laugh. Michael blushes. "Oh, Michael" whispers Ash to Mike as he laughs.

"Amen to that girl." she laughs

"Okay, girl, I gotta go. I promised my mom I'll go shopping with her." I lie.

"Okay. I'll see you at dinner!" She says.

"Ah, now we need to find a girl, Ash!" says Cal.

"My Mikey is having a crush." says Ash as he hugs Mike.

"Ew, get off of me." Mike attempts to push Ashton away, but fails.

"Ah, Mikey." says Luke as he hugs Mike too with Ash.

My phone vibrates, a picture message from Chloe. I open it. There are 2 pictures of her that she sent. The first one, she's wearing a green thigh-length dress. There are cutouts on the sides that shows her waist and some kind of collar as well. The dress compliments her awesome body. "She looks stunning in that." says Luke as he sits beside me. "I know, right." I say. "Let me see!" says Mike as he tried to take my phone, but fails because I pull it in. "Oh no, you can see her at dinner, alright." I laugh. "Give me something!" He sounds desperate. "She's so hot, man." says Cal as he sits beside me. Michael pouts.

The second one, she's wearing a black leather dress. "UUh, leather." says Cal, impressed. It's a really simple leather dress, low v cut with one small straps on each sides. I remember Bella Thorne wearing smiliar dress to a premiere or something. "You need to wear that sometime, babe." Luke kisses my shoulder. I laugh. "Hey, you think she'll dump Mike and be with me?" Cal teases Mike. "Not funny, mate." said Mike.

"Well, I think the first one is better for her, though. The second one is too... revealing." I said. "I agree." said Luke. "What? No! Too revealing is good, man!" said Cal as he looks at Luke. "She's Mike's, not yours, Cal Pal. Mike like it classy." said Luke. "No shit." Cal said. I text Chloe and told her the green one is better. She agreed.

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