Past, Present, Future: The Present

I can easily tell that she's nervous for our sakes. She looks at me, panic. Honestly, I don't really care. All I want is to sing to my girlfriend in front of everyone.
Man, I'd do anything for her. The only girl I've ever wanted, the only girl I've ever loved. The one and only, My Skyler.

Luke Hemmings of 5SOS finally introduce the love of his life, which apparently has been hiding for years from the media!
Read to find out more about Skyler and their relationship!


11. It's Happening

Skyler's POV


"Oh my God, Hemmings!" I scream. He doesn't move, he just smile at me. I walk towards him. "Are you seriously proposing to me?" I feel so overwhelmed, so happy.

"Of course, I am. Will you make me the happiest man on earth and marry me Sky?" he asks again.

"Why you have to ask questions that you already know the answer to, my love? Of course I will!" I hug him.

Ash throws rose petals at us and Mike open and pour the champagne as Luke inserts the ring to my finger. Luke softly kisses me on my lips and I kiss him back.

"Oh, look at you two." says Ash happily.

"Dammit Ash, don't ruin the moment." says Calum.

Luke and I stop kissing and laugh.

"We're so happy for you guys." says Mike as he gives me a banquet of roses and Calum gives each of us a glass of champagne. "Thanks guys" I says.

"I'm glad this proposal went extremely well! You have no idea how much pressure Luke gave us. He was all over the place..." says Ash.

"Oh, shut up, Ash." Luke laughs as he sips his champagne.

"Oh please, do tell, Ashton." I say.

"Safe to say that the only time I've ever seen Luke so freaked out about something is when he's about to ask you on a date for the first time." says Ashton. We all laugh as Luke's face turned red.


"Okay, okay. Anyway, Luke, you have to tell her what's next." says Calum.

"Seriously, Cal? Can we at least enjoy this really wonderful moment for sometime before we jump to the bad ones?" I give him puppy eyes.

"Trust me, this one is also quite exciting. Or I feel like it is." Cal chuckles.

"Fine. What is it?" I ask.

"You might wanna sit down. I feel like you gonna be a little surprised..." says Michael. Okay, I officially don't like this.

We sit on the couch in circle. "What's up?" I ask.

"So here's the thing; I kinda wanna throw an party for you, for us." says Luke.

"So...? Since when you have to ask for my permission to throw a party?" I'm a little confused.

"Because the party I want to throw is... Well... Our engagement party." Luke explains.

"Engagement party as in... real party? Like, family and friends and..." I say nervously.

"... and media and basically everyone that's involved in both of our lives." says Luke.

"Please explain further." I say.

"I wanna throw this engagement party to introduce you to everyone. It's just a really good moment. We have a really special occasion and the timing for the band could not be better. But of course, the real party would be exclusive, just for family and friends, no media. But there will be a quick press conference after." Luke explains.

"We'll be there the whole time to help you with all these questions." says Mike.

"Have Matt know about this?" I ask.

"Yes. He'll be here in a bit to share his ideas." says Luke.

"Then we'll wait for him first." I say. Everyone nods.


Shortly after, Matt arrived. He congratulates me on the engagement and sit beside Ashton. Matt explained his ideas of how the engagement party should be and it's basically the same as Luke's. I cannot believe Matt actually agreed to this. Just half an hour ago he said that we're fucked if people know about Luke and I.

"Here's the thing, I still have the anxiety thingy, right? I still need time to actually be okay with all the medias and fans and everything. I'm okay with the party and press conference, but I have a couple conditions that needs to be fulfilled." I say. "First, it's okay if the engagement news is everywhere but I don't want my name leaked before the actual press conference. Then, I'm sure that there'll be a lot of people that wanted to meet and interview me so the second condition is that I'll answer nothing to anyone unless it's official and I choose who or what show interview me." I say.

"Fair enough, I guess." Luke says.

"And the third is, I want a couple fans to be at the party. Like, throw a giveaway or something, I don't care. Some of them has to be there." I say.

"Why?" Calum asks.

"Aren't they also a part of our lives? Besides, they'll get pissed if we don't invite any of them, right?" I say.

"Well, are those possible, Matt?" Asks Mike.

"Actually, yeah. By hiding her identity, the news about this will be huge. Luke and 5SOS will be the main attraction pre and post party. That's actually an amazing idea." says Matt. We all smile, relieved.

"But," Matt continues, "this also means that I cannot control the press' questions. They will ask you things that you might not like to discuss or things that somewhat offensive such as pregnancy, gold-digger, all that stuff." He explains.

"Those are inevitable questions, right? I'm not really surprised if they indeed ask those questions. The thing I afraid the most is that I won't be able to answer their questions if they corner me." I say.

"I will help you to answer all of it. We all will." Says Luke.

"Beside, the fact that we kept your identity will make them lack of researches and questions which is a good thing for your first public appearance." Says Matt.

"Since you talk about it, I wanna tell you guys something. It's okay right for me to just ignore media outside official events? I don't wanna be interviewed on the streets or malls. That'll be so lame." I say.

"Yeah, no problem at all." Says Matt.

After a long talk, we finally decided things that we should do for my public appearance. It was really hard to keep myself together, knowing that soon I will be known as a rockstar's fiancee. What I do will affect Luke and 5SOS. I'm terrified but the boys keep reassuring me that they'll help me with everything. Again, what can I do without them?

"Awesome, we're doing it!" says Ashton, ending the meeting.

"Ok now seriously guys, get back to your rooms. Sky and I need some privacy." says Luke as he winks at me. What's that suppose to mean?

"Ah you two love birds. Can't we just stay and watch?" Jokes Ashton.

"yea yea, we can serenade you two while you do what you wanna do." continues Mikey.

Cal and Matt hug me while Luke push Ash and Mike towards the door. "You ain't fun, Lukey." says Ashton before Luke shut the door. "Good night, guys." Says Luke to them. I laugh.

"I swear they're so attached to me." says Luke.

"Yeah, marrying one of you is like marrying all of you. You guys are that close. it's like, what, gangbang?" I laugh.

"That's gross, babe." he laughs.

"But it's true though. They're big parts of our lives. You guys are like brothers. They're like my brothers too." I say.

"Yeah, but still, you're not going to be Mrs Clifford-Irwin-Hemmings-Hood, you'll only be Mrs Hemmings." he says as he pecks my lips and cheeks.

"Yeah, future husband, Mr Luke Hemmings." I tease him.

"Yeah, future wife, Mrs Skyler Hemmings." he smiles.

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