Past, Present, Future: The Present

I can easily tell that she's nervous for our sakes. She looks at me, panic. Honestly, I don't really care. All I want is to sing to my girlfriend in front of everyone.
Man, I'd do anything for her. The only girl I've ever wanted, the only girl I've ever loved. The one and only, My Skyler.

Luke Hemmings of 5SOS finally introduce the love of his life, which apparently has been hiding for years from the media!
Read to find out more about Skyler and their relationship!


8. Impressed

Sky's POV


I go back to the hotel and take a long shower (I'm not a fan of bubble bath, deal with it). Today was crazy but I loved it so far. I'm not sure if I'm gonna enjoy the rest of the day because I'm pretty sure that Matt will yell at Luke and I later on. But I'm also pretty sure that Luke and I thought that it's worth it. I mean, that was the first time he sang in front of me in front of his fans. It was a big deal for him, for us. I never thought he'd be able to do that, not this early at least. I thought I'd have to wait for like 3 years or so. It was magical as hell.

I get out of shower and decide to put on shorts and tank top since I don't have any more schedule for the rest of the day. I sit on the couch and watch TV while waiting for everyone else to come back.


I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up, I am sleeping on Luke's lap. Luke is talking to the boys while softly caressing my hair. I look at him and he realize that I am awake.

"Hai chosen fan." Says Luke.

"That's not funny man." I chuckle. "So where's Matt?" I ask, noticed that there's no yelling in the room.

"He's still doing some damage control, I guess." Says Calum.

"Yeah, that's pretty crazy what went on back there. I didn't expect my name would be called at all. The odds were just..." Luke cut me off before I finished.

"...slim to none, I know. Those three went behind our back and fixed the door-prize. Aren't they such cool dudes?" Says Luke.

"Shut up! You guys really did that? Oh you guys... I don't even know what to say." I say.

"A thank you would've sufficed." Says Michael.

"But I feel bad though. There were a lot of girls wanting to have dinner with you." I say to Luke.

"Luke won't care about any of them anyway. He only got his eyes on you." Says Ashton.

"Yeah that's so accurate. Luke won't dare to treat any other girl special so when we fixed the door-prize, we were doing 5SOS a favor." Says Calum.

"Anyway, how did Matt handle this truth?" I ask.

"He didn't know. He doesn't have to." Says Michael.

"For real? You guys are amazing." I say.

"That's what they all say, right?" Laughs Mike.


Shortly after the conversation ended, Matt come to the room.

"We need to seriously talk about what just happened and what are we going to do at the dinner." Says Matt as he pulls a chair so we all sit in circle. I get up and sit beside Luke.

"What is it to talk about?" Asks Michael.

"Well the performance this afternoon clearly showed me that Luke most definitely don't have the skill to pretend like he didn't know Sky. The dinner will be recorded and posted on YouTube. There will be a lot of views and if what happened today happen at the dinner, the damage will be massive" explains Matt.

"What, you want me to just not come to the dinner?" I ask.

"That is not an option." Says Luke.

"No. That's actually option A." Says Matt.

"Did I not make myself clear? That is NOT an option." Says Luke, emphasizes the 'not' part.

"Luke, relax." I try to calm him down. I never thought that would make him as upset as he is right now.

"No, Luke's actually right. If Sky doesn't go tomorrow, there will be questions that we cannot answer. It'll trouble Sky too much." Says Cal.

"Yeah. That girl Belle seems to be quite curious about anything so she'll ask a hell lot of questions." Says Ash.

"Questions that'll be hard to answer. What kind of fan in their right mind bail on a dinner with her idol?" Says Mike.

"See? I told you that's not an option." Says Luke.

"Is there any other options?" Asks Cal.

"Well if Sky has to be there, Luke need to get his mind straight." Matt looks at Luke, "you need to act like Sky is just another fan of yours and not your girlfriend. You need to convince people." Says Matt.

"And if he can't?" Asks Mike.

"Well you guys are fucked. They'll find out about the relationship. All media, paparazzi, fans won't give a damn about your upcoming arts, they'll focus on your relationship. They will do everything they can to get a story. Sky will be their main focus." Says Matt.

I suddenly get scared of what Matt just told us. My body trembles. I hate the spotlight. I just hate to be the center of attention. One of the reasons why our relationship kept as a secret all this years was because I didn't want media or fans to do background check on me. It's not like they'll find anything, it's just that it gave me anxiety. I've had series of anxiety attacks before and Luke knew how bad it was so he agreed that I didn't need to be interfered.

Luke realizes that my body is trembling. He pulls me closer to him and hugs me.

"We can't let that happen." I whisper.

"I'm sorry, Sky." says Luke, still hugging me.

I finally calm down and stopped trembling.

"I will put my act together tomorrow. I promise." says Luke.

"We'll keep an eye on everyone. You know, in case something went wrong." says Mike.

"Don't worry, Sky. We won't let you die and get off of our hairs easily, yeah?" laughs Ashton.

"Well, you have a lot of time to get it together. I've cleared tomorrow's schedule except the dinner." says Matt.

"Thanks, man." says Cal before Matt left.


"I'm gonna order some pizzas. I feel like we need shit food right now." says Mike as he calls room service.

"Shouldn't we, like, leave them alone, guys?" asks Cal, referring to Luke and I.

"Naah, I feel like bugging them at least 'till midnight." laughs Ash. I laugh too.

"Make yourself comfy then guys." says Luke as he lifts me bridal style to bedroom.


Luke slowly put me on bed and he closes the door.

"I want to talk to you about something." he says.

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