Past, Present, Future: The Present

I can easily tell that she's nervous for our sakes. She looks at me, panic. Honestly, I don't really care. All I want is to sing to my girlfriend in front of everyone.
Man, I'd do anything for her. The only girl I've ever wanted, the only girl I've ever loved. The one and only, My Skyler.

Luke Hemmings of 5SOS finally introduce the love of his life, which apparently has been hiding for years from the media!
Read to find out more about Skyler and their relationship!


5. Door-prize

The boys sing Amnesia and Voodoo Doll. They look really happy and they enjoy themselves so much during the entire performance. Luke smiles like an idiot, he knows I'm singing along the entire time.

They finished their second song and the fans claps as Luce get back on stage.

"You guys were amazing, as always." Says Luce.

"Thanks." Says the boys.

"So now is the time for the door-prize I've been talking about when you, fans, registered earlier." Says Luce looking at the fans, and then look back to the boys.

"So we have 4 bowls, one for each members of 5SOS. In that bowl contains names of the fans that had chose each members. You guys will pick one from your bowls and read the name that's written on it out loud." Explains Luce to the boys while some girls give each of the boys their bowls of names. Luce looks to the fans. "The fans who they called will have a special dinner with the boys! Yay!" Luce explains. The fans starts cheering and hoping that their names would be called. I just sit there, laugh, knowing I can have dinner with any of the boys anytime I want.

"Okay so let's start with Ashton first." Says Luce.

I notice 20% fans in the room crossing their fingers as Ashton put his hand in the bowl and starts wandering in it, and finally took a rolled paper from the bowl.

"Who's the lucky fan, Ash?" Asks Luce. Callum, Michael, and Luke are curious as well.

"One miss Belle!" Says Ashton, excited.

I hear a girl from the back screams. She come forward and sit beside Ashton. He hugs her and I can just tell that she's trying so hard not to freak out. What a pretty ginger.

"Next is Callum!" Says Luce. 30% of the fans crosses their fingers.

Callum quickly take a paper and read it.

"Please come forward this pretty girl named Alexis?" Said Calum.

Another girl screams. This time, she's a brunette. She then sit in the middle of Callum and Ashton.

"I think Luke should be the last, so, may I?" Asks Michael suddenly got so happy no one knew why. Luce nods and says, "Sure!"

Michael's hand wander inside the bowl. "Can I, like, get 5 paper or something?" He chuckles. Everyone laughs and Luce says that he has to pick just one. "But I see all these amazing ladies here and I wanna bring them all home." He laughs and he take a paper.

"Will you have a dinner with me and the other 3 douches from 5 Seconds of Summer, Miss Chloe?" Says Michael.

Chloe screams. "Holy God did he really called my name??!" She asks me in disbelieve. "Go to the front! Your prince is waiting!" I encourage her. She come to the stage and sit beside Michael.

"Okay, go on Luke." Says Luce as she crosses her finger behind her.

Luke quickly take a paper as if it doesn't matter who got picked. He open it and I can tell that he's surprised. Ashton and Callum saw him and got confused because they didn't know what's going on with Luke. Michael can see the paper and I can tell that he's trying so hard not to show any reaction.

"Who's the lucky girl, Luke?" Asks Luce, impatient.

He finally looks up and turns the paper so everyone can see the name written on it. Then he smiles and says the name, "Skyler."


Hello! Haven't got a chance to talk to you guys! I just feel like this is the right time<3

So what do you think about this story so far? I hope you liked it! This is the first time I actually write for people so this means an awful lot to me:)

Anyways, keep reading to see what happened next between the boys and Sky! I have to say, I got a few tricks up on my sleeves;);)

Once again, enjoy!

xoxo, Violet.

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