Past, Present, Future: The Present

I can easily tell that she's nervous for our sakes. She looks at me, panic. Honestly, I don't really care. All I want is to sing to my girlfriend in front of everyone.
Man, I'd do anything for her. The only girl I've ever wanted, the only girl I've ever loved. The one and only, My Skyler.

Luke Hemmings of 5SOS finally introduce the love of his life, which apparently has been hiding for years from the media!
Read to find out more about Skyler and their relationship!


15. Before Dinner

Ash, Mike, Cal, and Matt left the room to see their suits for tonight's dinner. Man, I've never thought they would actually put on suits just to impress fans? I mean, they never put on anything but ripped stuffs. I hope they don't rip their custom made suits...

Someone knocks on the door. "I'll get it. It's probably the laundry guy." Says Luke as he walk to the door, leaving me lying in bed. I feel somewhat tired although I haven't done anything today. Luke comes back to the bedroom with a suit and a couple dresses. "I think Ari went a little too on board with finding you a dress thing." Says Luke. Yeah, that's typical Ariana. I told her to pick me one dress and she picked 5. Just like she always say, "more is more." If only I can go out and pick the dress myself, that'd be lovely. But nope, Matt won't let me do that. He says that everything I wear should be hand-picked by stylist from the moment Luke proposed. I sigh, how convenient. But yeah, sarcasm won't affect anything. Suck it up, Skyler.

Luke hang his suit in the closet door and put the dresses on the bed one by one so I can see them all. I stand up so I can see it better. "Those are pretty." Luke compliments. "Well, this is Ariana we're talking about." I smile.

The first dress is a maroon maxi dress with Swarovski on the bust. It's super classy, I must admit. But then, this is a simple dinner. I won't wear maxis, will I?

The second dress is a really simple white maxi dress. Nothing sparkly, but it has a really low back, which I kinda hate because I'm not really used to wearing those kind of thing.

The third dress is a really cool black leather knee-length body-con dress. It's really tight, I can tell. The leather actually cover up almost to the neck in the front but it kinda have a low back as well. It's not as low as the white one, so it's kinda okay. It's sexy and elegant at the same time.

The fourth is a sky blue mini dress. It's super simple and just brings out joy to me. It also has a little white belt.

The fifth is a red mini dress. I don't know how to describe it, really. It's just a thigh length dress with lace and zippers. It's just hella weird to me. Maybe it really is confusing. Or maybe I'm not high fashion enough to understand? I don't even know.

"What do you think about all of these?" I ask Luke.

"Well, I think the maroon one is kinda okay but I know you hate sparkly stuff... The white I think don't capture your personality... The red one is weird as hell... And there's the blue and black." He says. He knows me so well.

"I think the sky blue really catch my personality, but the leather is just wow." I say.

"Just pick whatever you wanna wear, babe. I'm sure you'll look perfect regardless of what you wear." He kisses my forehead.

I put all the dresses to the closet with Luke's suit and just lay on the bed. It's still 1 pm so I still have hours before I have to get ready. "I'm sleepy" I say to Luke. "Yeah, me too. Let's take a short nap before Ariana come." Luke suggests. Ariana will do Luke's hair and also my make up later. I nod and sleep on his chest.


I wake up. It's 2 pm. Luke's still sleeping. He looks so tired so I decide to leave him be. I kiss his forehead and go to the dining area. I prepare some oatmeal and berries, then turn on my macbook.

First, I open facebook to see if anyone tagged me yesterday's picture. You know, the meet and greet. Apparently, Chloe did. There it was, a couple pictures of Luke staring into my soul while singing Long Way Home. It was so romantic. I save it and make it my phone wallpaper. It's only normal for a fan to make that picture her wallpaper, right?

Then I open twitter. Whoa, my timeline is full with crazy theories about Luke's engagement. They're mostly talking about whether or not the fiancée is pregnant, which is kinda insulting to me. But then, they can talk all they want. They don't know me anyway so I don't need to care about this. Well, at least not now. There are a lot of news about Luke's engagement. Magazines, news site, it's everywhere. They all ask the same question; who's Luke's fiancée? When will we finally meet her? So boring. I kinda wish they would announce about the party soon so it won't be such a fuss... I'm sure they'll stalk every party dress stores in the city but Ari always do the shopping so it won't matter much.

There's no point of being online anymore, the news annoy me. I turn off my macbook and turn on the tv, hoping to get my mind off all news I just read. Good, The Conjuring is on. I'm not so much into horror movies but sometimes I just like to watch it to get my mind off things. I lower the volume, there are a lot of screaming in this movie. I don't want to wake up Luke for at least another hour.


Half hour later, Ariana calls me.

"Hey Sky! Have you decided on what to wear tonight?" She asks.

"I don't know. The leather or the blue, I haven't decide between the two." I say.

"I thought you'd love the red and white. Oh well, maybe you're not quite there yet. Anyway, i think you should wear the leather one. I mean, let's be real, the blue is kinda too safe and boring." She chuckles. "I'm gonna be there at 3.30 to style everyone. Cheerio." She says. I hang up.


"Was that Ari?" Luke says as he gets out of bed.

"Yeah, she'll be here at 3.30." I say.

"You wanna take a shower? It's already 3 pm." He suggests.

"Do you wanna take a shower?" I grin. He laughs and lift me to the bathroom. "You asked for it." He kisses my neck. Yes, I shower together with Luke Hemmings. It's kinda our thing. No biggie.


I get out of shower naked (obviously). I grab a towel to dry my body. I left it on the floor and then wrap a smaller towel around my hair. Like get out of shower, still soaking wet. "Hey there, hot stuff." He teases me. I throw a towel at him. "Dry yourself, you gonna get water all over the room." I laugh. He put the towel on his shoulder and hug me from behind. "I won't mind get you all wet. You're sexier that way." He teases me again. I turn around. He put his hands around my waist while I put mine around his neck. "Am I really?" I turn around and tease him, put my arms around his neck. "Hell yeah." He kisses my lips. I push him and turn around. "They'll be here shortly. You won't let the boys see me naked, will you?" I laugh as I dry myself all over again. He pouts, then dries himself and follow me to the bedroom.

I wear my bra and underwear, then take out the leather dress from the closet. "You decided to wear the leather one, huh?" Says Luke. "Yeah, Ari said it's better." I say. Luke put on boxer and a crazy thin white t-shirt. Seriously, it's so thin I can see his abs and nipples through. Well, that's disturbingly nice. "Why are you staring at me?" Luke raises his brow. I go back to reality. "Err... Nothing?" I say nervously. He smirks sexily.

Someone knocks on the door, probably Ariana. I open the door and let her in.

"Oh my God! You look amazing!" She says to me. "And you look poor. Seriously? Sometimes I cannot believe that you're 5 Seconds of Summer." She looks at Luke. Luke ignores her. She rolls her eyes. "I swear someday I'm gonna throw away everything in tour closet and fill it with something fashionable." Ari says as she put her stuff in the desk.

"Haven't you heard? The boys and I set up a new fashion trend." Luke says. "Where's my suit anyway? I though you gonna bring me a new one." He asks.

"It's in Cal's room. You go there and change. They're waiting for you. Get back here in an hour." She commands Luke. Luke pouts and leaves us.


"You're so hard on him when it comes to fashion." I chuckles.

"Well, if I don't, they'll end up wearing ripped jeans and muscle tee to red carpet events. I will not let that happen." She says. "I mean, I can imagine you standing there on red carpet with dresses and jewelries, looking hella gorgeous and Luke will be wearing black jeans and nirvana shirt. That just ain't right." She talks about it like it's her worst nightmare. But I know she got a point.

She sets up her work space. She opens her make up box which is quite big and fully equipped (which should not surprises me because she's a make up artist after all). Then I just sit on the chair she told me to sit on and let her do what she does best. First, she work on my make up. Nothing major though. Just a purple-blue-ish smokey eyes, contour, just simple make up that will compliment my face more. Then she curl my hair and set it with hairspray. It sounds really simple but it really takes almost an hour to get done. I look at myself in the mirror. Man, I look gorgeous as hell. She's like a God or something.

"Now to finish off the look, you need these." She says as she gives me a black Christian Louboutin stilettos and an Alexander McQueen knuckle clutch. I put those on and stand in front of the mirror. She looks at me, impressed with her work. "You're like a fashion God." I compliment her. "Nope. I'm just so fuckin good at my job." She chuckles. Seriously, though, I look like a flawless vampire lady. I feel like I can actually go to an award with this. The thought makes me laugh. But then, I'll be a total joke if Luke only wear black jeans and misfits tee. I hope Ari force him to wear something decent. Not that I think that ripped jeans and tees aren't decent, it's just pretty much not candle-light dinner appropriate. Then again, other than proms, I don't even think the boys ever went to anywhere that force them to suit up. They always wear whatever they like, careless of what people think of them. Remember Cal's AMAs nip slip? Yeah.

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