Come explore the romantic couple of mericcup!


1. The Meeting

One day Hiccup was flying around on Toothless when he got lost somewhere in Scotland. He landed in a plain area on the middle of the forest he thought it was weird but then again he does ride a dragon. When he turned around to a girl with big curly red hair pointing a bow at his face. " Who are you and what do you want!" She said in an Scottish accent kinda weird to him, but cute.

"Come on speak up!" She said, "I'm Hiccup and I have no business here except that I'm lost and may I just say you have a beautiful accent, Scottish isn't it?" She lowered her bow and looked at him blushing ,but turned around because she was embarrassed."My name is Merida and may I say thanks for noticing." The. She kisses his cheeked and said" I live at the castle visit me at 12 tonight and look for a white flag on the top of a tower." Then she ran off.

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