The Faces

It is not easy to forget. To forget the sorrow. The pain. It follows you around, and no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to outrun. The pain. It starts out feeling like a bee sting. You've got stung and for sure it itches but you will get through it. At least that is what you think. The sting starts hurting. It is no longer a bee sting. It is an indescribable pain - the sting has grown into a massive wooden stake forcing its way towards the thing you seek to protect the most. And then it strikes you when you are at your weakest - finds your most vulnerable spot. You remember everything, and your heart stops beating in the second the stake reaches its final destination. Your heart is struck…
That was the feeling I was left with from the day I heard about the accident. Her death. The pain has followed me ever since. The wooden stake is not there anymore. But it has left me with a hole in my heart. It has left me bleeding.


5. The longest Night

5. The longest Night

There was not much to do now. The darkness had already consumed the last sunbeams as I sat on a kitchen chair in our little kitchen. My mom had not taken it very well - the Faces. When I had asked her about them, her face had turned grey. After a few seconds of silence, she had just shaken her head and entered the car. "I don't know what you mean by faces," she had said and then she had turned on the car radio. I knew her well enough not to bring up the Faces again.  She had gone straight to bed when we got home, and I could hear her crying into her pillow. I tried to ignore it but it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Well, she cried when my father died, but that was different. This was not normal - not even for her. I had never seen her so horrified before. I had not eaten anything the entire day but I had felt no hunger, and I still didn't. The fear had filled my entire body - there was no room left for food.

I looked out of the window. The night was silent and lonesome. No stars, no moon, there was nothing out there. See Violet, there is nothing out there - there is nothing to be afraid of. I tried to convince myself that the Faces were a product of my uncontrollable imagination. They must be. They were simply just suited men. Not monsters - nor aliens or crazy girl-abductors. I had to calm down. I realized my mother had stopped crying. I stood up and walked out of our little kitchen towards the door of my mother's bedroom. I hesitated; maybe it was better if she was just left alone for the night? But I felt the urge to tell her everything was okay - that there was nothing out there - that there were no creepy faces in suits stalking me. There was only darkness. I opened the door and fumbled for the light switch. My fingers finally reached the switch, but as the lights went on my heart stopped. She wasn't in her room.

I panicked. "MOM?! MOOOM?! Where are you?" I ran to the bathroom and pushed the door open. No one. I turned on my heels and started walking fast in the opposite direction. I passed my room where the door was open. No mom. I turned and moved towards the living room. She must be here somewhere! Our big living room was dark, but I still hoped to find her sleeping on the couch. I switched the light on. Still no mom. The desperation inside me grew. "Mother?! MOM PLEASE?!! I am scared!" I turned off the lights again. Maybe she had gone for a little walk? In the middle of the night? In my mind I knew it was impossible, the only front door in the house was in our kitchen and I had spent the last couples of hours there - I would have seen her if she had gone out. I still felt like it was the only explanation to her sudden disappearance. I pulled the door open.

"NO!" My scream was instantly suffocated by the darkness outside, surrounding me. In front of me, a tall grey man towered into the dark night, looking down at me. My mouth turned into a desert and I gasped for air. He suddenly pulled a grimace I had never seen done before by one of his kind. He smiled at me. But it was not a warm, sincere smile. The face in front of me smiled at me. He moved his arm, he reached for me. The Faces had come for me.

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