The Faces

It is not easy to forget. To forget the sorrow. The pain. It follows you around, and no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to outrun. The pain. It starts out feeling like a bee sting. You've got stung and for sure it itches but you will get through it. At least that is what you think. The sting starts hurting. It is no longer a bee sting. It is an indescribable pain - the sting has grown into a massive wooden stake forcing its way towards the thing you seek to protect the most. And then it strikes you when you are at your weakest - finds your most vulnerable spot. You remember everything, and your heart stops beating in the second the stake reaches its final destination. Your heart is struck…
That was the feeling I was left with from the day I heard about the accident. Her death. The pain has followed me ever since. The wooden stake is not there anymore. But it has left me with a hole in my heart. It has left me bleeding.


6. Mr. Acidious

6. Mr. Acidious

The darkness had consumed me - had consumed the light of day and left me alone in the dark. The night, the ruler of the choking darkness, was cynical - it was merciless. I was trapped and disoriented. Where was I? What had happened? It all came back to me in pieces and I tried to solve the puzzle. I held my breath. I tried to remember; the Face had come for me. He had been waiting on my own doorstep and now, now he had me. I could here my own pulse - my heart pumping the flaming blood through my veins. I was right all along. The Faces wanted me - but for what? I was just a young woman - not even a woman. I was a girl. A thought crossed my mind. Maybe they didn't want me. Maybe they wanted what I knew. Maybe it was all about Amy?   I tried to think - to think hard about what had just happened. Where were we going? Suddenly, I felt a bump. We were in a car! The nights' earlier events came back to me...   "Hello Violet Blumesby. I've been waiting for you for some time now," the grey, tall man looked at me with cold eyes. I looked horrified back at him, speechless and filled with sorrow and anxiety. I tried to say something. I wanted to scream at him. What have you done to my mother? I wanted him to know that I was not afraid. But I was. I was terrified. My hands had been shaky and it felt like I had a rock in my throat; I wanted to say something but my voice was blocked by an unfriendly, sharp rock - it felt like it was scratching the inside of my throat. I felt like... I was bleeding. I panicked. I was going to choke in my own blood. The Face moved his arm and placed a steady hand on my shoulder. I looked at him, still terrified, and then he moved his hand up to my neck and grabbed it. Gently.  

The rest is still kind of blurry. I felt like I was in some kind of trance. I remember he locked me in a room. Or maybe not a room? Another bump. I tried to move around a little. The bump had made my current position uncomfortable. Bump? I was in a car! We were driving! He was taking me somewhere. I had no idea where, but I suddenly felt sure about my gut feeling. This was about Amy, but it was, more importantly, also about my dad. I was going to get my questions answered. The car growled and then it felt like it pulled over. Then silence. The inevitable silence, building up tension. I started worrying. What if the answers would not be what I hoped for. What if everything went wrong.

The car door opened and I stared into the grey man's emotionless eyes. If everything went wrong it would be okay. If I died that night it would be okay. Then, finally then, I would stand face to face with my father again. The person I loved the most. The Face made a gesture with his hand, he wanted me to step out of the car. For the first time i felt a little in control. "What do you want?" My voice sounded steadier than what I had thought it would. The Face shortly glanced at his perfectly polished leather shoes - it looked like he was laughing - and then looked up at me with a crooked smile. "Let me introduce myself, Violet, I am none other than Mr. Acidious," his eyes had a indescribable spark in the seconds he introduced himself. Then it disappeared. I looked at him. Shocked by his weird introduction. I could not recall ever hearing that name. He looked like he had read my mind. "I have a story to tell," he continued and then reached for my neck once again. Then the darkness returned - summoned by the mysterious face in front of me.

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