The Faces

It is not easy to forget. To forget the sorrow. The pain. It follows you around, and no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to outrun. The pain. It starts out feeling like a bee sting. You've got stung and for sure it itches but you will get through it. At least that is what you think. The sting starts hurting. It is no longer a bee sting. It is an indescribable pain - the sting has grown into a massive wooden stake forcing its way towards the thing you seek to protect the most. And then it strikes you when you are at your weakest - finds your most vulnerable spot. You remember everything, and your heart stops beating in the second the stake reaches its final destination. Your heart is struck…
That was the feeling I was left with from the day I heard about the accident. Her death. The pain has followed me ever since. The wooden stake is not there anymore. But it has left me with a hole in my heart. It has left me bleeding.


7. Amy's Secret

7. Amy's Secret

Everything seemed so surreal. I tried to wake up, but it felt like I was trapped - trapped in a stream of unconsciousness that I could not get out of. I fought, I screamed, and I gave it my all. But the darkness wouldn't give up. My body wouldn't react. I had to let it go, I had to wait and see. But as I had given up fighting and just wanted to let things be the way they were, something happened. A voice pulled through giving me something to hold on to. The voice was a rope - I had to grab it, take the chance, and climb out of the diffuseness that surrounded me. "Wakey, wakey," the voice was dark and mysterious. Finally it happened, I had climbed the rope; I opened my eyes and tried to focus. Everything was still a little blurry but as everything cleared up, I wanted to go back to the dark unconsciousness - The Face in front of me smiled weirdly - he seemed impatient, waiting for me to fully wake up.

"You again," my voice was filled with disgust as I spat out the words. It was him. It was the so-called Mr. Acidious. I did not know what his intentions were, but what I knew was that this was abduction. He did not have the rights to just take me somewhere; I wanted to go home - get away from this awful nightmare. My pulse pounded under my ribs as I felt the anger burn its way through my body. I could not control it anymore. In one motion I sat up and took a swipe at the Face in front of me. But like he had some kind of supernatural powers, he grabbed my arm and held it firmly. I could not move it. Acidious looked at me with cold eyes, I tried to read them but the icy gaze was not to be read. He slowly moved my arm and placed it on my lap. "Listen, Violet. I know you are confused and blame me for everything that had happened to you the past years but," before he could finish I interrupted him. My voice sounded angry but also worried, "What have you done to my family? My mother?! Where is she?" For a second the Face looked tired, like he had had enough of me and whatever this "project" was about. "Your mother is safe. That is all you have to know," Mr. Acidious looked at me with his grey eyes, I knew he wouldn't tell me more about her until I let him finish.

Like he sensed my change of heart, he continued: "As you can see this is not just like any room in any house, we are an established bureau, and this is Room 51," for the first time his eyes glowed, proudly. I looked around. Room 51 was a grey room with metal furniture; desks, chairs, computers and shelves with documents. It all seemed very sterile - cold and hard as the Faces themselves. I looked at Mr. Acidious again, he had been polite enough to let me satisfy my curiosity. "We are not like any other bureau, we take care of those who are," he mumbled something, hesitated, and then continued, "of those who need to be shown how things are," I was confused. It did not make any sense. How things are? What did he mean by that? I felt this was one big scam. He was just some freak trying to blackmail my mother. Sure, maybe that was what it was! But still, my intuition was telling me something differently; I had felt something, I had felt the weird vibrations from the first time I had laid my eyes on the Faces. Their cold cynical eyes, the emotionless smile, and their uncaring way of move. They were something, something different. The Face in front of me must have felt my confusion - my inner battle - he looked at me, waiting for me to react. But how could I react on something I did not understood? 

Mr. Acidious took a few steps around me. I did not want this, I had never asked for this. I looked around but I could not see anything - I could not focus. Everything blended together, the Face, the sterile room, the memories of the past events. The only thing I saw was fog - thick unwelcoming fog hiding something deadly - something unkind and in... Human. Inhuman. That was when it hit me. Amy. It had to be about Amy. I finally got a grip on reality again. "Amy?" My voice sounded diffuse and hesitating. It was barely a sound. But the Face, Mr. Acidious, understood. For the first time I saw something human moving in his icy eyes. He looked at the grey metal wall behind him and walked away from me. "Yes, Violet, Amy is involved. She peaked very early - but sometimes girls do," his voice was still monotonous, but I felt like he deliberately hid his face from me. His expression. "You see, Amy is just like me," I still did not understand, but that was when it happened, he turned around and I was horrified, "She is like us. I believe you think of us as The Faces am I right?" As i looked into his eyes, my heart stopped beating for a second. The time stopped.

When he turned around it was not the same Face, I glared upon, it was not Mr. Acidious. He took a step towards me. His eyes were not cold, they were glowing - it was like they had some sort of supernatural force within. The man who had just turned around was no one else but my father.

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