I Am Your Nightmare


1. New School, New Mission

Tyler's P.O.V.

"Is she new ?" I pointed out at a fine girl in front of the gate.

"She is. I haven't seen her before." my brother Kyle said.

"Damn, she's hot." Evan, the most perverted guy in the school commented. "She is. Now back off, she's mine." another idiot said.

"I am nobody's. Don't you dare saying I'm yours again. If you do, tell your shitty gang to call the ambulance when I punch you in the face. Trust me, being hit by a girl wasn't the best feeling. Now Ricky, if you excuse me, I don't wanna be late so goodbye !" that chic said while walking away after giving some 'lecture' to Ricky. Damn, tough girl is such a huge turn on. I think I have to work hard to get her. This chic is a 'must have' girl. But, what confused me is how did she know Ricky's name ??

Chantelle's P.O.V.

Oh my gosh. Does she think about it ? She says it's the best school in town.

Not even an hour and a group of stupid guys already checking me out ? I almost kill that Ricky guy in front of everyone. But I know better than to blow my cover.

Oh, yeah. You must be wondering how do i know that guy's name and who am I. Okay, firstly, my name is Chantelle Valerie McFloy. I'm still 16 but I'm a secret agent, actress, and obviously a student. And I'm here to get as much information about this guy, Jason McCann. My mission is to be the most popular in this school and get close to McCann.

Oh, and also I know all about this school. When I said all, I mean ALL. The staffs, teachers, principle, students, and even their lives. I'm a creep, aren't I ?

Jason's P.O.V.

I see a new girl arguing with one of Tyler's gang member, if I'm not mistaken, Ricky. Who is she ? No one messes with Tyler's gang, well, except me. She's very brave for a new girl. Maybe she just doesn't know who they are. Whatever, like I care.

That girl is walking towards me. Wow, she's gorgeous. Let's see if I can have her.

"Hey gorgeous ! Are you new ? Need me to show you around ? I'm pretty known here." I greet her with a grin.

"Hi, yeah I am. No, it's okay, I'm good. I'm pretty adventurous. The name's Chantelle by the way." She smile her perfect smile and hold out her hand for me to shake. Instead, I kneel before her and kiss the back of her hand. "I'm Jason, Jason McCann." She look shocked for a second and I swear I saw hatred in her intimidatingly beautiful brown eyes. Suddenly, she smile and her smile turn to a laugh.

"You're so funny. No wonder you have a thousand fangirls." She said while looking around at the jealous girls glaring at her. "They're just jealous, Chan." "Really ? Chan ? Is it my new nickname ?" She laughed at her nickname from me. I just smile back and look at my watch. "It's already 8.00 !"

"Oh crap ! I need to go now. See you around, Jase !" She turn around and run to the school direction.

I'm just chuckling to myself. She sure is different. I notice Tyler was glaring at me the whole time. I just roll my eyes and walk into the school too. I'm ready to torture myself.

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