I Am Your Nightmare


2. Are You Sure It's Her ?

Chantelle's P.O.V.

I never expect school to be so hard. Sure, I got good grades, but that doesn’t change my thought about school.

Anyway, today went pretty well. After I met that McCann guy, a pretty girl approached me. She said that not everybody can talk to him and that means I’m special. And when it’s lunch time, a group of jocks and cheerleaders came and asked me to sit with them because they thought I was cool. Like really ? But, in the other side, that actually give me a better opportunity to be popular. After school finished, I sped right away to my car. But to my unfortunate, that Tyler kid parked his car next to mine and now his whole scumbag gang is there with him. Great.

I walked past them with so much arrogance that I was sure they noticed my aura right away. Fortunately, even though they did, they chose to ignore me. Good, cause I didn’t have to deal with them. I got into my car, pulled out of the parking lot, and sped away to my beautiful, comforting mansion.

When I get to my mansion, I feel slightly weird. It’s like there is someone watching my every move. I push that thought away and go straight to my bedroom. As I walk into my black painted walls bedroom, I notice some things changed. For example, my laptop. I put it next to my computer on my desk last night, now it’s on my bed. Wait, there’s a note. A yellow sticky note. How can that note be on my bed ? I walk towards my bed and grab the note. It says :

‘Stop doing whatever you’re planning right now and I won’t harm you’

I shocked. A thousand thoughts running through my mind. Who is this person ? What do they know about me ? Do they know that I’m undercover ? Is this the end of my carrier ? No ! I have to think straight. I take a breath and start to think positively. Whoever this person is, they want to see me fall apart. I won’t let that happen. I will hunt  this guy, or girl down and make them regret what they did. And that’s a promise.


Jason's P.O.V.

After I put that note on the bed, I went outside and waited for her to come home. I was informed that this McFloy girl has the face of the most beautiful woman but the brain of the most wicked man. The problem is, I’ve never seen her face.

Suddenly, I see a car pulled in. This must be her. I really want to see her. They say she could make you weak in the knees just by looking at her eyes. As I think about it, I go back to the event earlier this morning. I felt something different about Chantelle. Her brown eyes made me weak on my knees the second I look at them. It’s like I can dive deep to her soul.


My friend’s head appearance beside my feet get me back to my alert mode. “What are you doing, Ry ?”

“Well, Zac said that you’d be here to give her the threat message. So I thought I’m just going to give you the information right away while you are still here”  Ryan told me his purpose in here.

“What information ?” I replied eagerly.

“McFloy is in the same school as you are. Her full name is Chantelle Valerie McFloy.”

Wtf ? How ? Maybe there is another Chantelle. “Tell Zac to search for another Chantelle in the school”

“K, Boss”

While he's contacting Zac, my mind wander off to Chantelle again. What if it's really her ? What will I do ? Am I really going to kill her ? or give her a chance to join my gang ? Should I .. "Boss !" "What ?!!"

"Zac said there is no other Chantelle. Why would you ask that Boss ? Something happened ?" He said with a confused face.

I whispered barely audible "It is her."

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