Destined Roller coaster

When life kicks hard Eva kick back harder.She learned on the way how to struggle and get whats she wants and even with just little things it made her happy.But when her life decide to play with her throwing her hard punches will she able to get trough that and enjoy again in her solitary life?Will she able to resist Leo and his attitude that she cant cross over it?


1. unexpected


Do u think that you are better alone?-Faydee's song was blasting from my old laptop while I was packing stuff from my dorm room.My college was officially over.Like finally over!But what to do now with rest of my life?Hell If I would know.My introductory sentence when I meet people should be something like-'hello nice to meet you.My name is Eva Ross and welcome to my crazy roller coaster of life that's destined to be mine'.Yea I know its a little dramatic but I cant help myself.I should say my family wasn't very pleased when I came to life and open my mouth to scream and scream from my tiny lungs..On some crappy day,on my grandma expensive couch and my mom broke her expensive necklace clutching trying to push me out.They always say why I couldn't wait a little more to get to the hospital and I wasn't planned so that's cool to hear every Christmas on our dinner with the rest of our perfect family.I was always black sheep  separated from the others.I have black long on her own mind hair.Let me tell you now we are not in good terms in relationship between girl and her hair.Green empty eyes that are telling their story and ordinary body that I was given.I wasn't very happy with what is given to me but I managed to work it with  that somehow.I heared knock on the door and I was out of my delusions about winning million dollars and get away on Bahamas or Caribbean islands never matters where just not to be here and now.I was imagining I was laying down on my swing with my Cuba libre and hot guy with a fan.My words to describe it all?Well it would be-Fuck me this is life!I snap from my thoughts and opened the door.In a fact I know how my face looked when I saw who was at the door.To describe it that would sound like this-fuck,shit,fuckity hell no way.I breath in and out and squeeze the words   out


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