one boy finds out he's more than he expected


1. the beginning

the flash.... the green light...... no don't

when suddenly I woke up on the floor of the night club, I rubbed my head all i remembered was going to my adopted brothers 21st  birthday at the night club it was a 60 to 80's thing  don't ask, then later into the party me him and our other 3 adopted brothers (we were all adopted but were not real brothers) trying to be the Jackson 5 doing blame it on the boogie then i think we passed out


Ugh I say, when Jack wakes up the person who's birthday it was he shakes his head then goes to the corner to throw up, i follow him one we went to throw up because we were so drunk our other 3 adopted brothers woke up Frank, Johnny and Mike. there was a pike of people around us, it looked like they were dead, but they weren't they just drunk too much one we were all awake in out disco costumes looking like idiots we walked out, (but left a note saying thanks for coming) , then we went to get some pizza we were spliting the check 5 ways when I saw some guy looking all sad in the Pizza Parlour so I went to see what was wrong the man said he was all alone, he didn't know who his twin brother was, and his father was never around I tried to help and he smiled then he gave me his phone number i guess we were friends when before I left to go back to my Adopted Bro's I noticed he had the same birthmark as me but i just forgot about it and went back, 


The Next Day

I had work at the at the secret agency, when I noticed the guy I saw the day before was the boss... very peculiar... I just overlooked it and got on with my work oh well, it can be a coninsidence right?... i was about to find out i was wrong very Wrong......

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