the adventures of ally

it's about this girl called ally and she auditions for the voice kids and she gets pass the auditions
and she gets mentors by taylor swift



ally was so excited because it was the weekend and now she can hang out with her friends and she can hang out with Scott too but ally has to call Scott and see if he can hang out with ally today or tomorrow we will see if he can hang and then on a sunny Sunday morning ally called scott and said hey scott do u what to hang out today but scott said no sorry ally i cant hang out with you because I'm breaking up with you why are you breaking up with me scott because i have met someone else wow this has just blown up right up in my face thanks a lot scott but i would like to give u another chance if u are willing to give me another chance too yeah I'm sorry i tried to break up with u ally i really love you scott and i love you scott

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