the adventures of ally

it's about this girl called ally and she auditions for the voice kids and she gets pass the auditions
and she gets mentors by taylor swift


1. the biggest step for ally

once their lived a girl named ally who is 19 years old her dream was to become a famous pop star one day. when she was in the car she heard something on the radio saying do you have what it takes to become a pop star then come on down to the auditions this afternoon when ally heard this she was so excited she what's to go so badly so she asked her mum if she take her to the auditions this afternoon so when ally gets their she sees no one else there so she thinks it's going to be only her auditioning for the voice kids she is nervous but she will be ok as long as she takes deep breaths and then she will be fine and she is hoping she will get through to the next round of the voice kids and impress the girls at school and when she comes home she can tell her friends all about her amazing journey she had on the voice kids. and while she was one the voice kids she made some new best friends and they were very nice to ally during their time on the voice kids set practicing what they were going to sing in front of the judges. Ally's favourite judge on the voice Australia is Taylor swift because this pop star inspired ally to live her dream of becoming a pop star herself and ally was very grateful for having someone like Taylor swift to tell ally that she should go and chase her dream of becoming a famous pop star and that was ally's biggest step in her life going on voice kids and performing in front of a large crowd but she got their in the end and now she feels happy that she will be going through to the next round of the voice kids. so when she comes home from the auditions ally felt that she did try hard and she chased her dream and guess what ally's dream finally came true she will be performing on the voice kids next year in June ally is so excited and she can't wait till she performs in front of a large crowd but she is thinking that she will do well and she hopes that she will get through to the next round and feel even more proud of her self even if she does not make it through. ally did try her hardest at chasing her dream of becoming a pop star but for now she will focus more on her school work before she does the voice kids in June. ally is going back to school to try and catch up on any of the school work she has missed out on but I think her teachers will understand that ally has been away on holiday

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