the adventures of ally

it's about this girl called ally and she auditions for the voice kids and she gets pass the auditions
and she gets mentors by taylor swift


2. ally's back at school

ally was glad to be back at school because she missed all her friends and she missed her favourite teacher mr rose. so when she got to school on Monday she was greeted by a bunch of her friends saying congrats for making the next round on the voice kids said Molly one of ally's closest friend ever so ally and her friends started off for form class together when ally got inside everyone in her class cheered for ally because she made the next round on the voice kids everyone was very proud of ally even her form teacher Scott cheered for ally too. Scott was very proud of ally so Scott says congrats ally do what to go out to dinner with me tonight Scott are you asking me out on a date ally asked and then Scott said yes so are we on for tonight then.

I guess we are on for tonight said ally I'm looking forward to seeing you Scott but there is just one problem I can't come tonight Scott

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