Just a Little Extraordinary

I'm not special, just a simple girl with a gift. That's what you think, but he doesn't. It's amazing how what we see in the mirror isn't what others see. You see very little while someone else can see something, special. While you may be wondering why this is, I already know. Life is based on perspective.


2. The Morning Everything Sorta Changed

Well Hello, come back for more? Well lets begin.

Elise's POV

I woke up to the very annoying sound of my alarm clock. I turned over and about slammed my hand on the stupid clock to shut it up. 5:30am. I grabbed my pen and journal and started writing, I get inspiration best from my dreams.

"I'm loving the pain, never wanna live without it"

I added to the song I was writing "Why Try" After that I checked my phone, instagram, twitter, the norms and finally at 5:43 I dragged myself out of bed. I walked to the bathroom, pulled my hair up, which was stick straight, as always, and started washing my face then brushed my teeth. I sat at my vanity, pulled out my curling iron and plugged it in. I got up and walked over to my closet. I sat there and wondered what I should wear. I finally decided on an outfit, set it on my bed and went back to my vanity. I began curling my hair in loose waves. After I was finished I started my makeup, I use so much cover up I could fill up an island. I added my eyeliner, mascara, a glittery peach on the lid a matte brown in the crease, and set everything with powder then added bronzer, blush and a pink lippie. I checked my phone, 7:30, dang. I only have 10minutes. I rushed and put on my outfit, a pink over sized sweater, a black skater skirt, black tights, and some black ankle booties. I ran down stairs, grabbed 3 waters, and a green tea. My stomach started growling, so I grabbed two packs of mint gum to seize my hunger. Food is for the weak. I kissed my parents goodbye as Madison, Riley and Aubrey pulled up. I grabbed my bag, shoved my books and water into it and ran out the door.

Elise: Hey Losers!

Everyone: Hey Terd!

We all giggled.

Madison: Can we stop and get breakfast?

Aubrey: We always do silly! That's why we leave so early! haha

We always leave at 7:50 but school doesn't start until 9, thank goodness.

Riley: I vote McDonalds!

Aubrey: Of course you do. haha hbu Elise?

Elise: Oh im not hungry.

Aubrey: Elise you always say that, then you sit watching us eat, chewing your mint gum and practically drool over the sight of our food. I'm sorry sweetie but ana is not your friend

Elise: You have no clue what this is like for me. Okay?

Aubrey: Okay, look I'm sorry. We are just worried honey.

Elise: Its fine

We sat in silence until Madison turned on the radio. We all laughed as "Talk Dirty to Me" came on, we started screaming out singing.


My jaw practically popped off of my face.

Aubrey: He's looking for talent, Elise you gonna sing for him?

Elise: Oh Aubrey, I'm no good.

Aubrey: Um sweetie you're the best!

I giggled.

Elise: Ill prove it to you, I suck. But fine I will try out

They all practically started screaming with joy that I said yes. I giggled.

Elise: What song?

Riley: You Don't Know Me, that song you just wrote! That way you know no one will have the same song as you!

suddenly, when I realized what I was getting myself into I shivered.

Was I crazy?


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