Just a Little Extraordinary

I'm not special, just a simple girl with a gift. That's what you think, but he doesn't. It's amazing how what we see in the mirror isn't what others see. You see very little while someone else can see something, special. While you may be wondering why this is, I already know. Life is based on perspective.


1. Intro

  Hi, I'm Elise. Nothing about me is very special or different. I have mousy blonde hair, hazel eyes, I'm a little below normal weight, my doctor thinks I'm anorexic, but I deny it every time. I'm pretty shy with the boys, but pretty popular with the girls. But I like to stick with my main three, Madison, a perfect blonde, blue eyed beauty, Riley, who has gorgeous brown hair with the most beautiful, milky caramel eyes, and last but not least Aubrey, who might I add has the milkiest white skin with the perfect amount of freckles and this soft, shiny, beautiful long red hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. Its pretty easy to say she was the most beautiful of us all but don't get me wrong, Madison and Riley are like one point off from being up there with her. Despite how wonderfully gorgeous they were, they are by far the best friends I've ever had. So cool to be around with, I could trust them with my life. They are actually the only ones who have heard me sing, and know about my eating disorder.


Hello, I'm Aubrey, I'm sure you've heard a little bit about me from Elise. Isn't she gorgeous? Just so unbelievably perfect right? EVERY boy has a huge crush on her, but of course she's absolutely, completely, and utterly clueless about her beauty. It isn't all just looks either, most pretty girls don't have a very pretty personality, but not Elise. She is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. And to top it all off, she's a straight- A student, top of our class. Oh and who could forget, rich.  


Me again, Elise, so I'm sure you probably don't care but here's the story of my life and how I learn to see the little extraordinary things in everyone.


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